Take Five: Resources & Best Practices from Today
What's the word on the street in your community about the reopening process? What major questions do your business leaders have? We want to know so take time to add input from your Chamber on this two-question quick poll . In the meantime, here are 5 take-aways from the day for Chamber leaders:

  • Why You M.U.S.T. Pivot: You MUST pivot? You MUST? Watch Kyle Sexton's three-minute Chamber Daily to find out tips from an expert.

  • Sponsorship in Uncertain Times: YGM's new blog post deals with sponsorships in these uncertain times. Much thanks to Jason Ebey for sharing and being a resource for our ICEA members.

  • Indiana Chamber Survey Shows Depth of COVID-19 Impact on Businesses, Makes Return-to-Work Recommendations: With survey data from nearly 1,400 business leaders conducted by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, our state chamber has submitted specific return-to-work recommendations to Gov. Eric Holcomb and his economic recovery team.

  • National Library Week. This is National Library Week. Linked is a media release that explains how different types of libraries are serving during the pandemic.Recognizing the need for internet, Indiana’s public libraries amped up their internet to reach their parking lots while library meeting spaces are closed to prevent community spread. Here is the link to our Indiana Public Library Wi-Fi map, where over 350 library branches extended their Wi-Fi to their parking lots.
Keep your listening ears open as you talk to your business leaders and thank you for being a problem-solver for your community. As always, our chamber leaders have stepped up. There was no doubt that Chamber professionals across the country would do just that.

Thank you for all that you do.

Shelli Williams, IOM
Indiana Chamber Executives Association
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