Take Five: Resources & Best Practices from Today
It's funday Monday, right? So many of our chamber leaders have busy days ahead so take a deep breath and dig in for another week to make a difference. Here are the top Take Five tips from the day:

  • Professional Development During A Pandemic: Professional development is the cornerstone of great chambers. Summertime is when most staff boost knowledge, exchange information and explore certification. The summer of 2020 will be different, as many educational opportunities are being redesigned, postponed or cancelled during this pandemic and economic recovery. Bob Harris shared this great guest article about continuing on with your professional development, even if things are different for 2020. If you are in need of a confidential peer mentor to connect with to talk one-on-one, please e-mail the ICEA office for details.

  • Moving from Crisis to Opportunity: SME Strategy Management Consulting offered this webinar last week. Your members have most likely spent the past few weeks dealing with serious change in their organization (and are probably still dealing with change). In this training, 8 different conversations are covered to help leaders and the full team to embrace the change and transform it into an opportunity to better serve your customers and stakeholders. This webinar is available to watch on-demand.

  • Stimulus Funding: The fight to get chambers included in the next stimulus package wages on. ACCE has developed an op-ed, and chambers are welcome to leverage it in your own community. You will want to change the Little Rock example to highlight the work your chamber is doing. How is your organization weathering this financial blow? If your financials have limited reserve funding and you are concerned about the future of your Chamber, we need to talk this week so shoot me an e-mail and let's get a time scheduled to (virtually) meet for coffee.

  • COVID-19 and HR's Guide When An Employee Tests Positive: This was a webinar held earlier today by HRWebAdvisor, a division of Career Learning. Thanks to Nancy Eckerle with the Jasper Chamber for sharing this information. With the solid network of HR experts in Indiana, could your chamber offer a similar webinar to get valuable information out to the HR network? Maybe you could even coordinate and send details to ICEA to invite other chambers to invite their HR members? With the number of cases of COVID-19 skyrocketing, most businesses will have employees who test positive for the virus. What can your Chamber do now to help businesses react appropriately if this happens in their organization?

  • Mental Wellness: Times are stressful for everyone. My counterpart with the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Executives (KCCE) highly recommended a speaker that the Kentucky Chamber team recently hired to work with staff on mental wellness in the era of COVID. I'm not sure of her charges, but this may be a timely hot topic now for your Chamber members. Feel free to reach out to Vitale Buford, Professional Coach/Author and tell her that the referral came from Amy Cloud with the Kentucky Chamber.
I was on a call with peers from neighboring states last week when the topic of COVID protests came up. It was pointed out that both Michigan and Kentucky had made national news the day prior for the protests ramping up and my counterpart made the comment, "and then there's Indiana . . . . just chillin' in the middle." While watching the news Sunday evening, I think that chill status is changing and anticipate increases with protesting this week. Hang in there everyone. Stay safe as we move forward. Your community needs the chamber's continued leadership now more than ever.

Shelli Williams, IOM
Indiana Chamber Executives Association
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