Take Five: Resources & Best Practices from Today
#InThisTogether. Governor Holcomb announced our state's COVID-19 campaign yesterday and I like it. We are all #InThisTogether . . . . a battle no one would have predicted just a few short months ago. As we continue the fight, below are the Take 5 resources from today to help you on the front-line of this economic battle:

  • Fundraising in Hard Times: As you focus on positioning your Chamber for after the storm, make sure to take time to read this great guest article submitted by Chris Mead (Magicians of Main Street).

  • Stimulating The Local Economy: It's easy to find four friends of the Chamber to donate $175 each, right? Your Chamber can roll out a campaign that rewards people to shop local. The Madison Area Chamber kicked off their Money for Madison Giveaway yesterday and this will run for the entire month.

  • Building /Manufacturing Ventilators: If you have a manufacturer who would be/is interested and can re-tool their production Medtronic plc (NYSE:MDT), the global leader in medical technology, has agreed to release their prints, plans and source codes to build ventilators. Click for details.

  • Creative Virtual Events: Looking for some ideas to beef up your on-line connections? This topic was a recent blog post that shares five great ideas chambers should be doing now.

  • #INThisTogether: Governor Holcomb announced the #INThisTogether campaign yesterday to help fight COVID-19. Show your Chamber's support by sharing the hashtag #InThisTogether on social media.

Business is essential & now more than ever our chamber of commerce professionals are working hard to help business stay in business. Thank you for all that you do.

Shelli Williams, IOM
Indiana Chamber Executives Association
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