Take Five: Resources & Best Practices from Today
Hey Chamber leaders we've made it to the weekly mid-way point again. I have heard it often that days just blend together as office hours are redefined. Keep doing all the good work, because you are planting the seeds now preparing for the full re-opening of our Indiana business community. Take time to Take Five with these top take-aways from the day:

  • Feed The Front Lines: If your community has a Delivery.com or a similar restaurant delivery service, here's a great ideas from the Valpo Chamber. Their local Delivey.com franchise owner asked the Chamber to get involved in an initiative called Feed the Frontline NWI. Residents can go to a link and purchase meals that will be delivered to the frontline health care workers. The Chamber is acting as the promoter of this to get people to purchase meals and to get restaurants on the list. The Valpo Chamber staff sent info out and received immediate positive response. Staff members were interviewed by local media which provided good press for the Chamber, Delivery.com and local restaurants.

  • What's on Your Calendar? How are you delivering value this week? Liz Kerns, IOM, Chamber Manager with the Greater Kokomo Chamber of Commerce, shared their diverse calendar of activities happening this week. Take a peak for some possible new ideas & connect with Liz with questions.
  • Member Focused Communication: Today, your chamber may not be on their radar like it should be. They are worried about their customers, clients and employees. They are worried about tomorrow. They are worried about their world. So . . . . Chamber leaders, let's make sure we speak to their world. Join Chamber peers from Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan for this webinar on Wednesday, April 15 at 3:00 p.m. EST with Institute faculty member Bill Graham. Register today for this complimentary webinar.

  • Future Focused Chamber Leader: I heard a quote earlier this week that, quite frankly, scared me. "Some chambers,unfortunately, may end up drowning their organizations trying to save their members." Yes, the focus now for chambers of all sizes targets finding solutions for our greatly impacted business community. ICEA will always be a partner to equip you with tools you need for this battle. But the reality that may hit this profession hard once the storm lifts is the fact that more than 50% of local chambers in Indiana operate on budgets of less than $200,000 annually. And that reality carries from coast to coast with small, rural communities led by smaller chamber organizations. It's a challenging time for our communities for sure. As you work tirelessly to save your businesses, please don't lose sight of the future stability for your Chamber as well. If you've been thinking about what the future holds for your Chamber, listening to last week's Chamber Focus Show will help guide your team. A panel of industry experts share on what they foresee for this profession as well as tips on applying for loans & grants.

Just as our chambers stand by the business community in times of prosperity and in times of crisis, ICEA stands ready to assist your professional staff team through any waves that may come your way. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or have successes to share with peers.

As always, thank you for your leadership -

Shelli Williams, IOM
Indiana Chamber Executives Association
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