Take Five: Resources & Best Practices from Today
A member e-mailed last week that she was getting error messages with the links on the daily Take Five. I've done some testing of this through our account and think all problems may be fixed. If you have trouble with any of the links, please e-mail me so we can work to fix any problems .

Here are the top five takeaways from the day to get us all moving in the right direction again -

  • COVID-19 . . . Ten Point Planning for Reopening & Recovery Webinar: In these uncertain economic times, there are three truths we can count on:
  • 1.) There will be an economic recovery; 
  • 2.) At the local level, chambers of commerce and local economic development organizations will lead the charge; and
  • 3.) We need a plan. ICEA & IEDA have partnered together to bring this webinar training on April 22 for our members - the community leaders from chambers and LEDOs - who will be at the forefront of this recovery effort. Registration link (ICEA MEMBERS USE THE CODE icea2020 WHEN REGISTERING)

  • Changes to 2020 ICEA Annual Conference: After hard discussion last week, the ICEA leadership team has recommended we change up this year's Annual Conference. The bad news . . . we won't be meeting in Plainfield for the June 10-12 full conference. The good news . . . we are bringing conference content to you in regional training workshops. Dates will be announced once we have a better understanding of when it is safe to be in small groups again so stay tuned and watch for all details on the ICEA website.

  • Business Interruption Insurance: Much discussion has occurred recently concerning business interruption insurance related to the coronavirus.  Many of the solutions being proposed regarding business interruption losses for smaller companies may be well-intentioned but may generate ill-fated consequences to think about. Mike Ripley, VP Health Care Policy and Employment Law with the Indiana Chamber, provided this analysis to help local chambers better understand what could be at stake.

  • ISBDC Small Business Resource Guide: your small business owners might be overwhelmed with how to sift through the information and what to do next. We recommend starting at the Indiana Small Business Development Center and to check out their downloadable resource guide. It helps explain the difference between the federal programs, who is eligible, and what your business owners should do now to strengthen their business resiliency.

  • Resource for Rural Communities: The USDA's COVID-19 Federal Rural Resource Guide was unveiled today to offer rural community leaders a one-stop shop of federal programs that can help rural communities, organizations and residents impacted by COVID-19.
Let me tell you, the decision to change up conference this year hurt my heart, until I was on a national call with peers and the talk shifted to the reality of what we are all dealing with. Then the announcement from the U.S. Chamber Institute for Organization Management over the weekend that all summer sites have been cancelled for 2020 made me realize that we did make the right decision. We are all doing business differently this year for sure. But that's going to be ok. This temporary change is a necessity as we navigate through the curves that 2020 continues to throw out.

As we strive to figure things out, let's never forget that you are not alone - all ICEA peers are in this together and willing to help with all challenges. Please call with any questions and, as always, thank you for your membership.

Shelli Williams, IOM
Indiana Chamber Executives Association
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