The Wetzel-Tyler Chamber of Commerce would like to thank those courageous men and women who have fought to defend our freedoms and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
The Sexual Assault Help Center provides resources and support to individuals who have experienced sexual violence and those who want to prevent sexual assault in our community. If you think you might need their services, go to their website or call 1-800-884-7242.
The Arcane Games Store is the place Magic happens. To help you learn to play Magic: the Gathering, The Arcane has put together a Magic prize package designed to help someone get into the game! One lucky winner who answers this week's question will win the new player entry package with a retail value of over $50!

As a bonus, everyone who gets this week's question correct will win a free Arena Starter set when they come in and ask to learn how to play. Best of all, if you aren't interested in learning to play Magic, you can give this away to someone in your life who does want to learn.

This week's question: The Arcane Games Store is the place Magic happens, but the building the store is located in has a rich history. The Doolin Center also houses Pop Art Parties, Parlor Theater, Music Mondays, The Sexual Assault Help Center, and coming soon, a magic and tricks shop for aspiring magicians. With all this going on under one roof, can you tell me why the building is called "The Doolin Center?"

If you know the answer to this week's Local Trivia Challenge, you can send the Wetzel-Tyler Chamber of Commerce a message on Facebook, email your answer to the email below, or send your answer by owl post.
Last week, Swiss Valley Associates asked, "What yeard did the Lincoln Theater in downtown New Martinsville open?" Lots of you got the right answer, 1920!

We are out of the office today for Memorial Day, but we will randomly pick a winner and notify that person later this week.