A hearty thanks to all of our members who attended the Annual Membership meeting this past Tuesday. Listed below are our Officers and Committee Chairs.

A welcome to our new Board Members.

Our returning Officers:

Tina Rush, President
Ashley Blake, Vice President
April Pierce, Treasurer
Debbie Bennett, Secretary

Returning Board Members:

Sarah Arend
Adam Pendleton
Don Riggenbach

New Board Members:

Andrea Gregg
Betty Klug
Ron McCoy

Committees and Chairs:

Economic Growth Committee—Camissa McCurdy, Chair
*Education Committee—Sarah Arend, Chair
Events Committee— Julia Matheny and Andrea Gregg, Co-Chairs
*Finance Committee—Adam Pendelton, Chair
Membership Committee—Dr. Andrea Lockhart, DDS, Chair

*Denotes a newly formed committee
Our Board meetings are published in our newsletter and open to the public. We invite the community to tune in via Zoom as they occur (a Zoom link will be provided).
Committee Participation

Our Committees serve our communities and are open to everyone. If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please contact the committee chair of your choice. You can find contact information for all of our Board Members at this link: https://wetzeltylerchamber.org/board-of-directors/
Chamber Survey

The 2022 Member Survey is now open to the public. Please take a moment and respond. We value your insight. The survey will be completed on February 4, 2022. Please click the link below to access this survey.
Thank you to all of our Board Members and Committee Chairs. The best of what the Chamber is able to accomplish comes directly from their efforts. The majority of our Board Members have demanding full-time jobs and yet chose to serve our communities in highly active leadership roles. We appreciate you all!