Are you looking for workers to staff your business? Really, what employer isn’t these days? As a small business owner, you may be wondering what exactly is it that people want in a job? Is it more money?  Or could it be that the stimulus funds during COVID-19, and the unemployment compensation extensions have given workers such big savings reserves that they no longer need to work?
While the stimulus checks were a welcome economic boost for many individuals and families, as an answer to this current challenge, it seems pretty unlikely that they provided any long-term cushion for the average family. 
From my perspective, there appears to have been a paradigm shift in how workers think about work, and that shift is leaving employers at a loss for how to attract and retain qualified workers, and searching for answers as to why as well. 
With these questions in mind, I searched the Internet to find out how others were addressing what has become a national concern. Here is some of what I found:
  • Post-pandemic, most employees want to work from home three days a week; a new McKinsey & Company report shows.
  • More than 25% said that they would consider switching employers if their organization returns to fully on-site work.
  • Mental health is a top priority.
  • The world is facing a ‘double-disruption’ scenario, with automation and COVID-19, according to the World Economic Forum.

Work-life balance, flexibility and mental health are front-of-mind for employees as they look to their employers for certainty about the future, according to a new report. 

What if your work requires that your employees be on site?
  1. Provide onsite perks
  2. Offer rewards—both monetary and otherwise
  3. Build flexible schedules
  4. Increase vacation time
  5. Provide the best management possible (source:

These are a few of the areas for consideration as we collectively work through this paradigm shift in the workplace. For our small business owners experiencing these challenges we suggest that you participate in the upcoming job fairs in our area and really talk to perspective employees. Ask them what they are looking for in a work environment.  Don’t be frightened or put off by this new environment, but instead lean in and listen. I believe that a consensus can be reached that will be satisfying and beneficial to all parties. At the end of your search you might just find the perfect worker who will become a devoted and integral member of your work family! 
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