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This week's Questions: It's almost time for Back Home Festival! This year, the event will be happening June 25-27 and promises to bring a lot of visitors to downtown New Martinsville. In preparation, this awesome new sign (below) was added to the side of the Wetzel County Museum. The caboose in the picture has been around town for about 30 years. Can you tell me where this caboose used to be before coming to its current location?

One randomly chosen person who sends the correct answer will win a free cleaning, exam and x-rays from New Martinsville Dental. To enter, send your answer to the Wetzel-Tyler Chamber as a private message on Facebook or email

If you or your group are a member of the Wetzel-Tyler Chamber of Commerce and you would like to sponsor a Local Trivia Challenge, contact our office and let me know! To sponsor, all you have to do is come up with a prize to offer to one random person who answers correctly and you have the option of coming up with the question (If you don't want to do this, we will come up with something for you.
Last week, The Arcane Games Store asked the question; The Arcane Games Store is the place Magic happens, but the building the store is located in has a rich history. The Doolin Center also houses Pop Art Parties, Parlor Theater, Music Mondays, The Sexual Assault Help Center, and coming soon, a magic and tricks shop for aspiring magicians. With all this going on under one roof, can you tell me why the building is called "The Doolin Center?"

We got a lot of responses to and most people knew that the building got its name from being the former home of Dooling Savings Bank, a hometown bank that has since become First Mutual Bank.

We will be contacting our big winner later today, but anyone who sent a correct answer can contact us to get your free starter set and schedule a one-on-one learn to play session for you or someone you designated!W
A personal note from someone who loves pizza;

"I'm sure all of these pizza places have fine pizza and to be fair, I have not eaten at all of these establishments, but I think I can say with confidence - there is no way that any of these other pizzerias can beat The Original PJ's Pizza.

I think it is our duty to stand up for our local pizza shop. Stop in and vote for PJ's and join in on June 18th for the Facebook Live event and let the valley know where to find the best pizza."

-Brian Rogers, pizza lover