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I don’t know about you, but I love great customer service! If I have a good shopping or dining experience, I’m very likely to be a repeat customer and tell others. I imagine that most of you are probably the same.

A recent conversation with a friend voiced what is one of my main pet peeves; bad customer service! 

My friend had gone to a local restaurant and sat for a considerable amount of time without being acknowledged by the wait staff! Being a generally hyper person, I would likely have left, but not without filling out a customer satisfaction survey (if any were on hand) never to return. 

In today’s age of Facebook and Yelp, no one fills out a paper satisfaction survey, that’s way too old school! Instead, they head to social media and either sing your praises or condemn your business to the “sunken place”.

The good news is that providing good customer service is an easy fix. It starts with a clear vision of the kind of atmosphere you want for your business as an owner or an executive; and train your staff to achieve that vision. 

Below are a few resources to support your effort: