Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union is holding its 11th annual golf scramble on May 14th (the deadline to sign up is May 10th). This charity event is being held at the Sisterville Country Club with a 9:30 AM shotgun start.

This week's Local Trivia Challenge question is - All proceeds from this event go to a charitable organization. Bayer HFCU has donated over $500,000 to this organization since 2008. What charitable organization do the proceeds go to?

You can send your answers to the Wetzel-Tyler Chamber of Commerce as a direct message on Facebook or email your answer to

One correct entry chosen at random will win a $50 Visa Gift Card from Bayer Heritage Credit Union.

If you have additional questions about the golf scramble, or how you might help with this event, contact Karon (304) 455-4029 X 1214
The Local Trivia Challenge is really picking up and we have been getting a huge response! However, sometimes the questions get a little difficult and the answers are harder to find. So, I have been asked to start giving away the answer to last week's question in the newsletter. So, I will! Here are all the answers to the questions asked so far. Starting next week, I will start including the previous week's answer in that week's newsletter.

3-1 - New Martinsville is sometimes referred to as "Parlor City." From where did this nickname originate?

The name was bestowed by Gloria Swanson while filming the movie Stage Struck in New Martinsville

3-8 - The Original P.J.'s Pizza has been a local favorite for over 50 years, but who can remember where this delicious pizza got its name? What does PJ stand for?

Pat & Jack, the original owners of PJ's

3-15 - There is a mural painted on the side of the Wetzel County Museum. The mural combines many famous people, landmarks, and events from Wetzel Counties History. In the upper left-hand side of the mural, there is an airplane. This week's question is - Who is flying that airplane?

Morris Raymar "Dinger" Daugherty and if you want to read a crazy story, you should click the button below
3-22 - Once, before West Virginia was even a state, Wetzel and Tyler Counties were part of Ohio County. Tyler County was created from the southern part of Ohio County. Several years later, Wetzel County was created from part of Tyler County. What year did each of these historic events happen?

1814 & 1846

3-29 - Over the past 10 years, Pop Art Parties has gone through several name changes. A couple of years ago, when Miranda shifted her focus from twisting to decorating, she changed the name from BalloonOvations to the current name. However, when the business first started, it was known by a different name. What name was it first known by?

By Popular Demand

4-5 - Since we are announcing our new name this week, it seems like the perfect time to ask, "what is our name." "Wetzel-Tyler Chamber of Commerce" is a DBA or Tradename, the name that we use when we are doing business. However, the actual legal name of our organization, the name used on contracts and tax documents, is something else. What is it?

Greater New Martinsville Development Corporation

4-12 Gloria Swanson arrived in New Martinsville to film the movie Stage Struck in what month and year?

August 1925

Now, you are all caught up. Answer this week's question, and if you can't look for the answer in next week's newsletter!