I love museums! I love art galleries and exhibitions, science, history, all of those things that connect us to our past, help us to understand our present, and look forward to our future. The Wetzel County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) has secured an exhibition through the Smithsonian Institute that you simply cannot miss! Yes folks, THE Smithsonian!

When Holly Morgan, President of the Wetzel County CVB and Movie House, Back Home Festival Director, and Upper Ohio Conservation District Supervisor (a very busy lady!) mentioned that she was working to bring this to our community, I’ve been waiting in high anticipation of the arrival. Well, it’s finally here and absolutely should not be missed. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that has the potential of bringing visitors, both near and far to see.
The Crossroads Exhibition will enlighten and inspire you. It covers some of the many changes rural communities have endured and survived. It illustrates how rural communities throughout the United States continue to bring visitors and residents to areas like ours and why they remain great places to raise a family. Please check our Events page for their schedule and be sure to mark your calendars.

Here’s a little suggestion: Local businesses have an opportunity to highlight their shops in anticipation of visitors who might come to the area. Think about offering a “Smithsonian Special” provided if they just mention “Crossroads” or “Smithsonian” or “Wetzel County Museum”. We might have new folks coming to town, so let’s collectively think of ways to bring them back. Just sayin’
Sandra Pingley is the owner of the Country Diner, the newest place to eat in Middlebourne. She is an authentic Irish American and she would like to invite you to help celebrate her heritage this St. Patrick's day at a Grand Opening. The special of the day will be; 2 eggs, bangers, beans, mash, and a side of soda bread!

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