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If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, you know the pain and struggle that comes with it. Now, there is someone here locally who can help.
Nurse practitioners, Melissa Maston and Jamie Clay are here to help get you back on the path to a healthy, productive lifestyle. At their facility, the New Beginnings Recovery Clinic, patients work with licensed counselors and receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

According to their website, "The ultimate goal of MAT is full recovery, including the ability to live a self-directed life. This treatment approach has been shown to improve patient survival and increase retention in treatment. It has also been shown to decrease illicit opiate use and other criminal activity among people with substance use disorders and increase patients' ability to gain and maintain employment. It has also been shown to improve birth outcomes among pregnant women who have substance use disorders. These medications and therapies can contribute to lowering a person's risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis C by reducing the potential for relapse."

If you are ready to get some help, stop by their office at 3 Ada Drive in the New Martinsville Plaza, call (304) 398-2298, or click on the button below to ask questions and see how they can help.
As Americans, we love a good “comeback” story. We celebrate those who stumble and pick themselves up and begin again. A second chance. That chance that is filled with the “Grace” we learned about in Sunday School or through the example of others. It’s something that nearly all of us has relied on at some time in our lives.
Well, we have plenty of “comeback” stories right here in our community and through-out the Ohio Valley. The organization that is making that happen is Jobs & Hope!

This past Wednesday I attended the Workforce Symposium at the Highlands Events Center. The symposium was sponsored by the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce, the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Economic Development Partnership, West Virginia Economic Development, Project Best and West Virginia Northern Community College; all partners working to strengthen and develop our region.

While all the speakers had so much useful information to share, Jobs & Hope offered a very special message and opportunity, not only for those they support, but for so many area businesses as well. They allow individuals who have stumbled, to begin again and with tremendous support.

Transition Agents Ms. Sara Wood-Shaw (also a member of our Small Business Breakfast Club team) and Ms. Kelly Coffin presented a compelling vision for those committed to their recovery. What this program offers to employers are solid and well-trained workers, determined to make a lasting change in their lives. 

So, if you love great comeback stories (and who doesn’t?) and if you’re an employer challenged in finding trained and eager workers, look no further, Jobs & Hope is where you need to start!

Click on their logo above to learn more.
The Scholarship Program will award 15 $10,000 scholarships to graduating high school students looking to pursue a degree in a field that is utilized in the oil and gas industry, such as computer science or information technology; civil, chemical, or petroleum engineering; energy or land management; environmental science; geology; safety science; or welding. The scholarships can be used at two- or four-year educational institutions. 

Eligible students must be current high school seniors with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and live in one of the following counties where EQT Corporation has business operations:

•            Pennsylvania - Allegheny, Bradford, Centre, Clinton, Fayette, Greene, Lycoming, Tioga,
Washington, Westmoreland
•            West Virginia - Doddridge, Harrison, Marion, Marshall, Tyler, Wetzel
•            Ohio - Belmont

Students will be evaluated based on academic history, involvement in sports and extracurricular activities, work experience, and essay response. 

Additional information and the scholarship application can be found at

The deadline to apply is May 31, 2022.