The Wetzel-Tyler Chamber wants to "Pay It Forward" and help some local non-profit agencies have a positive impact on our community.

The Deadline to apply is Monday, August 22nd, so click the logo to learn more about how your group can get funding for their community project.
It’s back to school time!  As you prepare to send your youngsters back to school, don’t forget to take care of your own educational and training needs! Life-long learning is not just a nice idea, it’s a necessity in today’s rapidly evolving world. I urge you to take this time to focus on brushing up on your current skills, or to learn new ones. This could well be the time to flesh out that business idea you’ve always dreamed of! 
I believe that we are at a moment of great opportunity! Ignore any nay-sayers who tell you otherwise!  While we are undeniably facing tremendous flux in how we work and live, we should take heart in knowing that we have faced challenges throughout our great history. No matter the challenge, we have always survived as a nation, and even found ways to thrive! Just look at some of our greatest inventors and entrepreneurs. They found gaps in products or services and created enterprises to fill those gaps. We can do that again; and we can do it right here!

It may take a bit more training. It may mean learning new skills. That’s ok. Our brains were meant to expand. LOL!

We are so fortunate in our area to have a community college. Not many rural communities have the opportunity to acquire the skills that they need so close to home. 
West Virginia Northern Community College has a long list of course offerings that can support your career goals. Give them a call, as many classes start soon!

That being said…dreams don’t materialize without planning, hard work and training. To that end, the Wetzel-Tyler Chamber will be offering the highly acclaimed “Co-Starters” entrepreneur program in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for details.

Also, coming soon for members only, we will be offering “Lunch & Learn” sessions. If you are a member, watch your email for the schedule. In-office attendees will be provided lunch. This will also be offered via Zoom.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful and productive school year!
The Wetzel County Assessor's Office would like to remind you that these important dates are fast approaching

September 1 - Farm Discount Applications

September 1 - Commercial Personal Property Returns

October 1 - Individual Personal Property Returns

December 1 - Homestead/disability application

Thank you!
Scott Lemley
Wetzel County Assessor