We are always trying to improve here at the Wetzel-Tyler Chamber of Commerce, but we need your input in order to do it.

We know that the last year and a half have been tough and it has disrupted everything. However, in the previous month or so, things have started to return to normal. How well do you feel the Chamber has responded to this return to normalcy?

Please select one below, and if you would like to provide more information about what you think, please email it to Office@WetzelCountyChamber.com
Please select your answer below
Excellent, better that before COVID-19
Great, but there is room for improvement
Fine, just like before COVID-19
Poor, you are doing a worse job that ever before
Abysmal, it looks like you aren't even trying
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You can also drop of donations.

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You might have noticed, there is no Local Trivia Challenge this week. It will hopefully be returning next week. If your organization would like to sponsor a Local Trivia Challenge, contact us at Office@WetzelCountyChamber.com or call (304) 455-3825 and we will get you signed up!

Last week, we asked "Artslink is headquartered in a building at the corner of Washington St and Maple Ave in New Martinsville. What is the name of the building Artslink calls its home?"

The answer is - "Francis Creative Arts Center," named in honor of Libby Francis, a lady who helped introduce many young people to the world of the performing arts.