Friday, October 29th
2 PM - W.A.T.C.H. Meeting
St. Vincent de Paul
Sunday, October 31
11 AM - 6:30 PM Free Youth Basketball Camp
Sponsored by Paden City Development Authority

2 PM - 4 PM Cruising for Treats
Howard Jeffer's Drive (Hydro) in New Martinsville

7 PM Halloween Movies
Sistersville Park (By the Stage)

Virtual Halloween Parade Sistersville Lions Club
Submissions are due.
Monday, November 1st
Voting on trees for the Festival of Trees begins
City Hall in New Martinsville
Tuesday, November 2nd
9:30 AM Stitching Sister Guild working on a Quilt of Valor
Francis Performing Arts Center - All are welcome
Before I begin this week’s article, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Lisa Gonzales of Community Resources in New Martinsville. While I was working a temporary full-time position for Catholic Charities, dispensing emergency COVID-19 funds, I had the good fortune to meet Lisa. I have worked with many individuals over the years in a variety of settings, but I have rarely met anyone as devoted to their work as Lisa. She supplied food, clothing, toiletries, household items, free tax preparation for hundreds of people each year. She paid utility bills, and in a number of cases coordinated shelter for those in need. While Lisa helped provide for practical needs, her greatest talent was in listening. She offered sometimes tough, yet always practical love, that changed lives for the better. Lisa was a tireless advocate for others that our community is not likely to see again. My deepest condolences to Lisa’s family. I wish her great peace and the rest she so richly deserves.
On October 20th I attended the Economic Outlook Conference for 2022-2026 sponsored by West Virginia University John Chambers College of Business and Economics. While the conference only included projections for Ohio, Belmont, Marshall, and Wetzel counties, Tyler County faces similar challenges and opportunities as Wetzel. 

As you might imagine and may have personally experienced, the pandemic has had an impact on all areas. However, there is promising news. A quote from the Executive Summary:

“Wetzel County is the region’s most rural economy but has also experienced the strongest rebound in economic activity from the beginning of the pandemic. Indeed, payrolls have bounced back to their pre-pandemic levels due in large part to continued growth in the natural gas industry. Wetzel is among the state’s top natural gas-producing counties and has seen withdrawal volumes rise steeply in the past three years or so, leading to a near doubling of gas industry payrolls over that period. Completion of the Mountaineer Xpress Pipeline and Sherwood Lateral for the Rover II project have weighed on the construction sector and services industries connected to the projects, construction work on other projects in the area have boosted payrolls over the past year.”

What remains a consistent emphasis for both Tyler and Wetzel counties is the need for continued development of small businesses that support the quality of life for area residents and have the ability to attract visitors. For the full report, click on the provided button.
Chamber Community Cash, the gift certificate usable at over 30 local shops and restaurants, has gotten even better with four new places where they can be redeemed - Fight or Flight Escapes, Neff's Repair Center, North Fork Jewelry Design & Saguaro Mobile Kitchen
Wetzel County Hospital is conducting its first-ever Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). A short survey has been created and is being shared throughout the community to encourage community members to share their opinions on what they feel are the health needs of Wetzel, Tyler and Monroe Counties. 
If you have a few moments, please consider taking the survey and feel free to forward this information to any personal or professional contacts. This information will be used to develop and/or support new or existing programming that addresses those needs. Some examples of programs offered as a result of CHNAs include preventative care screenings, health education and nutrition programming, school-based mental and physical wellness programs for youth and others. 
This short survey may be accessed via the following link or QR code. Both are anonymous and again, may be shared throughout the community.