What a wonderful time to be at Tuscarora! I truly hope you’ve been able to join us over the last year as we enjoyed a variety of programs, groups new and old, and guests ranging from children, to teens, to families, and everyone in between.

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March 15-17
Whether you have been married five days, five years, or five decades, we invite you to join us this spring for our Couples’ Retreat! Jim Shores and Carol Anderson-Shores from “Acts of Renewal” are excited to discuss the adventure of marriage with you in a new, hilarious, and exciting way!
Andrew and Gwen Little are returning to lead worship, and you can plan to enjoy the same Tuscarora hospitality you have come to expect. This time away will strengthen your relationship with the Lord and each other!

SPEAKER - Acts of Renewal
WORSHIP - Andrew and Gwen Little

May 10-12
This retreat seeks to set aside time for you and your daughter, mother, spiritual mentor or your sister in Christ without busy schedules to explore this journey with the most precious women in your life.

Susan Olsen Orpilla’s mission is to help people bring joy to the forefront of their lives – including your relationship with your daughter! Grow closer to the Lord and each other as you learn and play together, making memories during a weekend you will never forget.

SPEAKER - Susan Olsen Orpilla
WORSHIP - Rachel Roy and Rachel DiQuattro

May 14-16
The Spring Midweek Retreat is a great chance to reconnect with old friends and make a few new ones along the way! Open to anyone 55 or older to come and enjoy a relaxing retreat as the grounds come back to life in the spring!

A highlight of this retreat is the celebration of Norwegian Independence Day with cultural foods, desserts, and a special program! No matter your heritage – it’s a celebration you don’t want to miss and won’t be able to experience anywhere else.

SPEAKER - Jim Stevens

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