August 2022

On the Road

Thank you Laura Coia for this happy quilt! We have enjoyed many

sewing stories and Limoncellos over the years. 😊

Expand your sewing skills! Watch Laura Coia’s SewVeryEasy - YouTube

with nearly1,000 sewing, quilting, and crafting videos.

Inspired to SEW #36 by SCHMETZneedles - Issuu 

Let the sun shine! August is traditionally a sewing-intensive month for me. Why? It’s too hot to garden and I don’t have a luxurious or modest beachfront home or mountain retreat. Now that I think about my upcoming August sewing frenzy, my machines missed their annual November cleaning and maintenance. You know how life tends to interrupt routine? So, delivering sewing machines and a serger to my local dealer is the first step towards my power sewing. When is the last time your machines were professionally serviced? Yes, it makes a difference! Just like using a fresh SCHMETZ needle, maintaining your machines enhances your sewing joy.


Last month, I was a vendor at Bernina University in Palm Springs, CA. Three years had passed since our last meeting. Lots of smiles and a giant hug fest! One thing we all experienced was the power of sewing during the pandemic. Sewing and quilting relieved stress, brought comfort to loved ones, and provided a utilitarian and creative function. Go over to my personal blog starting with the July 16 post for a glimpse into my Be Vibrant. Be Bold. Be Fearless. Bernina University world.  Sew More Stitches


Many SCHMETZ fans are familiar with the ever-popular SCHMETZ ABC Pocket Guide. This little powerhouse needle booklet is the foundation of my SCHMETZ virtual classes. It’s time for an update. Needles do not change much, so the content is still solid, but I’m wondering what you think about the size. Be sure you take the poll shown below. I want YOU to have input in the update.


Enjoy the August sunshine!

Sew SCHMETZ & Grabbit® Too!

We Want Your Opinion!

The ever-popular SCHMETZ ABC Pocket Guide is getting an update. We would like to know your thoughts concerning size and/or content. Please click on this link to take our quick survey:

All respondents who supply their name, email, and mailing address will be entered into a drawing for a SCHMETZ Needle Bundle. The survey closes on August 2, 2022. Rhonda will announce the winner at her August Facebook Live event on Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

Coming in September!

Stay Tuned for Details.

Laura Coia is talking about SCHMETZ in her August 2nd video. Specifically, she's talking about the Quick Threading Needle. Watch for a chance to win one of three SCHMETZ/Grabbit® giveaways.

SewVeryEasy - YouTube

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Noon CST


Need some inspiration? Join Textile Talks for a free lecture. SCHMETZneedles recently joined the sponsor team for the most successful community collaboration the Quilt Alliance has ever been part of – Textile Talks. In April 2020, the Quilt Alliance came together with Studio Art Quilt Alliance, the Modern Quilt Guild, International Quilt Museum, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and Surface Design Association to provide a weekly lecture series. The programs are FASCINATING week after week! Mark every Wednesday at 2 PM Eastern Time for a Zoom lecture. Or watch the talks via YouTube.

Wednesday, August 3, 2 pm EDT


Presented by Quilt Alliance

Wednesday, August 10, 2 pm EDT


Presented by: Surface Design Association

Wednesday, August 17, 2 pm EDT (Register now)

Al margen de las artes with Paola Carmago Gonzalez

Presented by: SAQA

Wednesday, August 24, 2 pm EDT


Presented by: International Quilt Museum

Wednesday, August 31, 2 pm EDT (Register now)

Contemporary Curves by Audrey Esarey

Presented by: National Quilt Museum

Another Fun Survey!

Vote now! Survey closes August 15.

The Sew Daily Readers’ Choice survey for favorite sewing brands. Be sure to click SCHMETZ in question 13. The survey ends on August 15th.

SCHMETZ Quick Threading Needle

No, your needle is not broken. The slit in the eye is there by design. The Quick Threading Needle is designed for sewing enthusiasts with diminished eye

sight (or who just have trouble threading the needle).

The close-up image illustrates the concept behind the Quick Threading Needle. The Quick Threading Needle is the same as the Universal Needle except for the small threading slot in the eye. This threading slot supports quick and easy threading of the needle. The needle is threaded by drawing the needle thread over the surface of the right side of the needle until it slides into the eye by itself. It is not necessary to change the thread tension. Like the Universal Needle, it can be used for many fabrics.

Please do not use the Quick Threading Needle for sensitive fabrics (i.e., silk, microfibre, etc.) as the slot might create pulled threads. It should also not be

used for quilting as fibers of the batting might be pulled out.

The thickness of the sewing thread being used should be adapted to the needle size. If the sewing thread is too fine (thin), it might slip out of the needle eye. If the sewing thread is too heavy (thick), it might break frequently.


Size 80/12


Size 90/14

Click HERE to order SCHMETZ Quick Threading Needles.

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