Dear Alumnus,

As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to discuss with you charitable giving, specifically through the gift of stock.

Charitable giving through stock transfers is not a tool for only the wealthiest of people making the largest donations to an institution, nor is it merely something to consider when putting together an estate planning strategy.

What many people do not realize is that donating stock to a charity is as easy, if not easier, than writing and mailing a check.

All you need are essentially two numbers to make a meaningful contribution to a charitable institution: 

  1. A DTC number
  2. An account number

Your brokerage firm and the charitable institution's brokerage firm will take care of the rest!

We at Monsignor Farrell High School have been the beneficiary of very generous stock donations in the past few years, and the establishment of the Vir Fidelis Fund at Morgan Stanley Investment Management has helped greatly in facilitating stock transfers to benefit Monsignor Farrell. The Vir Fidelis Fund has accepted stock gifts that have helped fund scholarships, capital improvements at the school, and an endowment fund. 

Whether it is a one time gift, or to fulfill an annual installment of a pledge, making a gift of stock to benefit Monsignor Farrell High School has never been easier!

If you have held appreciated stock for over a year and are reluctant to realize the capital gains due to the potential tax impact, donating your stock to the Vir Fidelis Fund can have a double benefit! As we approach the end of a year that has seen significant appreciation in many securities, donating your stock can not only support the education of the faithful men of Monsignor Farrell, but could also help you lower that check you may have to write on April 15 to the IRS as well!*

All you need to do is fill out the attached form and email it back to John Cusick or provide the DTC and account number on the form to your brokerage firm and ask them to initiate a transfer. If you initiate a transfer through your broker, please email John Cusick with the name, symbol, and number of shares of the stock so that we can appropriately record the gift and send you a receipt for tax purposes.

The impact that just a few shares of some of the largest publicly traded companies can have on the education of our faithful men is extraordinary. No gift is too small to make a meaningful contribution to a promising young man's future!

Thank you for your consideration of a stock gift to the Vir Fidelis Fund. The students, faculty and staff of Monsignor Farrell High School are forever grateful for the support and kindness of our faithful alumni.

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Strengthen the Legacy Capital Campaign

If you would like to make a non-stock transfer gift to the Strengthen the Legacy capital campaign, please click the button below.
John P. Cusick '88
Director of Institutional Advancement & Development
Monsignor Farrell High School

*Please check with your tax advisor regarding the potential tax implications of donating appreciable assets.
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