The World Economic Forum predicts women will reach leadership parity in 2095.
We say let's do it by 2025.  #25not95 - Share the hashtag, and we can do it together.
June 9th, 2015: Edition 17
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More proof that ageism and sexism do a company no favors: a study by PwC has found that women over 55 tend to be the most qualified candidates to lead organizations through periods of transformational change. 

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On Sunday night,  Fun Home 's Jeanine Tesori and Lisa Kron became the  first all-female writing team  to win a Tony for Best Original Score. It was a big moment! If only it hadn't happened during a commercial break.
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And the picture it paints is not so rosy, sadly.  Women's Media Center President Julie Burton sums it up in one sentence: "Media on all platforms are failing women."

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7 Myths About Why Women Don't Lead - Debunked
When asked why there aren't more female leaders and executives, people say a lot of things that just aren't true. DailyWorth is fighting the ignorance with research.
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10 Ways Body Language Can Help You Convey Power at Work
You may think you have power poses down pat, but we bet there are a few tips on this list you've never heard before. (At least three were new to us!)
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Identify Your Core Passion and Build a Lucrative Career Around It
Think doing what you love and earning enough to pay the rent (and then some) are mutually exclusive? Think again, says career coach Kathy Caprino.
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"What I want to say to young girls is forget about likability. If you start thinking about being likable you are not going to tell your story honestly, because you are going to be so concerned with not offending, and that's going to ruin your story, so forget about likability. And also the world is such a wonderful, diverse, and multifaceted place that there's somebody who's going to like you; you don't need to twist yourself into shapes."
- Writer and feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, in a speech at the 2015 Girls Write Now awards ceremony

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