Newsletter Issue: Vol 7 Issue 10
October 2018
October Quote
"Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do,
doesn't make it useless"
Thomas Edison
Why I'm a Fan of Procrastinating
Back before ketchup bottles were squeezable we had to shake the glass bottle, tap the end, and wait for the ketchup to slowly make its way to the plate. Much as I like to get the ketchup without a long wait today, there’s a place for taking your time in life. Making a big financial decision is one of them.
Kristin Rodriguez
Reasons for Optimism  
Stock markets are on the downswing this week and continue to remain unsettled. Fingers are being pointed at the Federal Reserve Bank and the interest rate increases. We think there are a quite a few factors contributing to this pot of soup, but more importantly, several reasons for optimism. 

Rarely are the markets black and white or effected by just one variable. For example, interest rate adjustments have been anticipated for quite some time. But when combined with government-imposed tariffs, the resulting trade war, and some political uncertainty, now you have the perfect recipe for volatility. 

The good news is that unemployment fell to 3.7% in September, a 50-year low, and job creation continues to be strong along with our overall economy. * 
Furthermore, volatility is the very thing that creates opportunity. As we mentioned in our email last February, ten years of a bull market with minimal volatility is not typical in our complex world. 

If you are retired and drawing income, we have already allocated your portfolios to minimize your risk. However, if you are still working or have been sitting on cash, now may well be the time to consider investing it and taking advantage of lower prices.

Otherwise, action should only be taken if you have had a major change in your personal situation. If so, we need to hear from you. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.
*NPR 10/05/2017
Preparing to Retire Single
Unmarrieds need to approach retirement planning pragmatically. In an ideal world, it would be simple to prepare for a solo retirement. You would save half as much as a couple saves, buy half as much insurance coverage, and expect to live on half the income. Reality dictates otherwise.
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