RAM Brief February 2018
Cloud Call Center Maximizes Your Call Center Investment

We're excited to announce Masergy has developed a call center solution called Cloud Contact Center. Masergy's hosted contact center provides a strategic value proposition for businesses. How? This solution provide automation and management tools that are easier and more powerful than the ones you have used to this point. The Cloud Contact Center can be used to make critical management decisions quickly from a web portal.

Once you have your preferences in place, the Cloud Contact Center 'learns' the inbound call patterns of your customers and helps you route calls to the best available resources.

Check out Masergy's solution on the link below. Please let us know if you would like to have more information. We can engage a specialist for you anytime.

Rob McCoy,
RAM Communications, Inc.
SD Internet - Super Tools
Take a closer look at how SD-Internet tools can be utilized to maximize Internet performance

Is your organization struggling to keep pace with bandwidth demands? Have you added more bandwidth only to realize performance is waning again after a few months? In our latest video we show you how SD Internet solutions can be used to prioritize the bandwidth you have and therefore, keep your most critical applications running efficiently. Take a look and you'll see how you can better control your bandwidth and maximize productivity.

SD Internet Basics - A Video by RAM Communications
SD Internet Basics - A Video by
RAM Communications

Telecom 101: Here are the ABC's behind the Phone Number Porting Process

Availability -

Before you can port any phone numbers to another carrier you have to first determine the origin of your numbers. If your numbers were originally ordered and installed by your neighborhood phone company then chances are they can be ported to a new carrier without drama. However, if you've acquired various numbers through mergers & acquisitions then you need to find out where those numbers were first placed in service. Your new carrier may have difficulty keeping a number in place on their platform - especially if your current office location is in a different place from where the phone number was first activated.

Originally, phone numbers were all organized as part of a 'mapping system' called the PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network. This original system is still the corner stone by which the phone number network is organized today. So, you need to be aware of your phone number's origin especially if you need to establish accurate e911 information for your office.

Bureaucracy -

No one builds a more complex bureaucracy than the phone company. To make matters worse, each phone company has its own unique set of rules and processes. Each porting situation can be unique. The CSR or Customer Service Report provides an inventory of your phone numbers and services. Here at RAM, we help you request the CSR and use it to help you submit orders accurately and diligently so you have enough time to move phone numbers and meet your deadlines.

Customer -

You are the customer and you own your phone numbers! So, don't let anyone tell you your numbers cannot be moved to another carrier. Porting success is often a two-fold process: 1) provide accurate documentation and 2) persistence - check in on a regular basis with your new carrier to ensure you receive a port date in weeks and not months!

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