We wish you a happy Memorial Day weekend, full of family, fun, and BBQ grilling! The Library will be open all weekend and
closed on Monday in observance of the holiday.
Wauconda Memorial Day Parade
 Complete with a WWII plane flyover,  this parade has something for everyone. Featuring local businesses and organizations, the parade will travel down Main Street and end with a celebration at Memorial Park honoring veterans.  
Monday, May 29 | 10 a.m.

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The Death and Life of the Great Lakes
by Dan Egan
Submitted by Kelly K.  

This is required reading for fans of the Great Lakes, fresh water, climate change and conservation, and our area history.  Being born and raised on the Great Lakes, and enjoying the year-round recreational activities and natural beauty the lakes provide, I found this book both enlightening and frightening -- in terms of pollution, invasive species, and shortages of fresh water elsewhere.   (Adult Non-Fiction) 


by Katherine Applegate
Submitted by Katie B. 

Crenshaw is a really BIG cat. And the only one who can see him is Jackson. That's because Jackson first "imagined" Crenshaw when he was seven and going through a rough time. His parents were out of money and they, along with Jackson, his little sister and their dog, were forced to live in their van. Things got better for a while, or so Jackson thought. Until Crenshaw showed up again when Jackson started fifth grade. Why did he show up now? And did that mean they were going to be homeless again? Or was Jackson going crazy? This warmhearted and touching story of coping with loss and finding out what it means to be a family will bring tears of joy to all. (Children’s Fiction)