Shop with SCRIP

Take a Bite Out of Tuition with SCRIP!
Receive Rebates on Products and Services You're Already Purchasing! 
Looking for a simple way to save hundreds of dollars each semester in tuition? The SCRIP program rewards you for purchasing goods and services from companies you shop at every single week - from big box stores to local groceries. 

SCRIP is a program that allows you to purchase gift cards for face value then receive a rebate percentage on each card. Rebates earned from SCRIP will then be applied to December and May tuition payments. There are no refunds or returns. Profits generated beyond the cost of tuition will be applied to the general fund. Please surf the shopwithscrip website to familiarize yourself with all the available vendors and the rebate % they afford. 

Still not completely clear? If you purchase a $100 Kohl's card at a 4% rebate, then when it is time to credit your account at the end of the semester you will receive $4 in tuition credit for that particular card. Imagine the possibilities - that is only from one card! We have families within our school who purchase SCRIP every week and then receive several hundred dollars in tuition credit each semester. This is just for purchasing cards to buy things you would have bought anyway!

When registering your account online you will be asked if you wish the funds to be applied to a specific student. If you are going to support a specific student, enter his/her name in the drop-down box. If you are an alumni or faculty and wish to contribute to our scholarship fund and tuition assistance for all students, type BLAZER in the drop-down menu or leave completely blank. 100% of all rebates support the gap between per-pupil costs and tuition. Encourage your relatives and friends to enroll in SCRIP on your behalf.

Following registration for the SCRIP Program, it is necessary to enroll in PRESTO PAY. THIS IS THE ONLY METHOD OF PAYMENT AVAILABLE. When enrollment in Presto Pay is complete, you will receive a verification code. This CODE MUST BE EMAILED to Sarah Williams ( prior to placing your first order.

SCRIP orders are placed weekly. Order deadline is Sunday at 11:59 PM. SCRIP orders will be sent home with your student by Thursday while school is in session. During the summer, orders will be available for pick-up in the main office by Thursday AM. There is also SCRIP NOW and re-loadable cards can be purchased and reloaded online at any time. 

Whether you're buying lunch (Chipotle), gasoline (Speedway), or booking a hotel (Hilton), SCRIP enables you to deduct hundreds of dollars from your tuition bill. And it's not just big box companies, either! Al's Supermarkets is one of the local merchants that has partnered with SCRIP.