January 2022
ALNews from Heartspacen
It was one of those days, man.

Sunday January 9, 2022: the grimmest, most unappealing day ever in Albany NY. For me, it was the nadir so far in the pandemic: Ice storm, gray skies, wind, cold, and Omigod! everyone's got Omicron. Not fully thinking it through beforehand, as I walked my kids and some of their friends across the tundra that is the Empire State Plaza in January, I hit a bottom, or at least a modest trough. Leaning into the headwind, we arrived at the State Museum, and the kids, being kids, promptly broke out into some Level-4 hide-and-go-seek. While hidden deep in the Iroquois long house, Adirondack log jam, behind pink fluorite, under the Sesame Street bench and other exhibits, the kids forgot the blech of the day outside and reveled in hiding... and seeking!

"Don't run" echoed the voices of the dispirited security guards, letting me know they weren't far. It warmed me up and it reminded me that the great thing about low points is its only upwards from that point.

Upcoming In-Person Special Events

Vaccine Requirement: To attend in-person classes at Heartspace, we require proof of full vaccination to SARS Covid-19. Per Governor Hochul's announcement , all indoor business locations and venues must either require masks while indoors, or have a vaccine requirement; there is no hybrid option available. Vaccination means at least two weeks out from the second shot with either Pfizer/Moderna or a single shot J&J. Let the unsubscribing from my emails commence!

We wish to continue with the option to practice yoga without masks while indoors at Heartspace so as a result, we will verify your vaccination status when you come for class. You can provide proof of vaccination status with either an Excelsior Pass, or your CDC vaccine card. Once we have verified your status, we will note that in our Mindbody system so you will only have to show your vaccination status just once. This means that you may remove your mask when indoors at the studio and know that others present are also fully vaccinated.

On-Demand Video Library
Can't make a streamed virtual class in real time? You can view it through our on-demand video library which is being updated daily as we add new classes and has over 250 hours of prerecorded yoga and pilates classes. You can take any of our recorded classes through our Mindbody page.

Get unlimited access through either an On-Demand Pass ($50), Combined LiveStream Virtual & OnDemand Pass ($90), or full Month Unlimited that includes in-person, live stream online, and On-Demand ($120). Or, try out a single day pass to check out different classes for just $12.
Updated Class Pricing Options
We updated our pricing options for classes. All passes will be one month in duration unless otherwise noted.

In-Studio and Virtual
LiveStream Virtual Passes (done real time with your instructor):
On-Demand Video (our catalog of over 200 hours of classes with Heartspace instructors)
  • Free One-Day Intro Pass. Check out our library of classes for free for one day.
  • Single Day Pass $12. Unlimited access for one day to take a class and check out our library.
  • On-Demand Month Unlimited $50

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