February Newsletter from Lovejoy Travel Agency
When a Travel Agent Vacations:
Royal Caribbean Cruise
Our 2019 family vacation took place on a ship, Royal Caribbean to be more specific. This was the first time that my husband and children have been on a cruise, so of course my husband was concerned about the usual such as: will they get motion sick? Are there enough things to do on the boat? How different are ports? Because of this, we choose to take a short trip to the Bahamas. Not only was this one of the best vacations we’ve taken, my entire family, including my husband, have been asking me when our next cruise is. 
Food: My kids can be picky eaters. When we first started traveling with the kids, I was worried that it would be difficult because my children would starve to death out of choice. I love that Royal Caribbean had an entire buffet that the kids can select from, everything from Indian food to hot dogs. At dinner, we sat in the beautiful dinning room with chandeliers and a ridiculous amount of silverware. My kiddos thought they were in a fairy tale. They tried EVERYTHING that was brought to the table for no extra cost, and we found out that they love calamari and crab cakes. 
Child Care: My husband was all over registering the kids up for child care as soon as we stepped foot on the ship. Not only was he impressed with the safety of the kids in the area, he loved that the kids were excited to meet other kids, play games and learn new skills. After dinner, our kiddos were jumping for joy to hang out with their friends while Scott and I got to enjoy a cocktail (or two) and some music. 
Excursions: Where else would we have been able to snorkel ship wrecks and swim with dolphins? The excitement my kiddos had when they held on to the dolphin’s fin or saw a sea cucumber in real life was the highlight of my vacation. To be able to give that to them and be there with them when they experienced these moments are memories that I will never forget. 

Miami: 3 days at sea wasn’t enough time to defrost from the Wisconsin winter, so we stayed a few days in Miami. The endless waves, warm beach and shopping kept us busy so busy in fact that we never made it to Jungle Island , Little Havana or the Zoo Miami
Did you know : if you leave out of a US port and the ship returns to the same port, you don’t need a passport! That is right Passports for my two boys weren’t going to come in on time, but they were still allowed on the ship because we left out of Miami and returned back to Miami. How great that the family was able to visit the cultures of the Caribbean without the extra cost and hassle of the passport.