The fresh air is beckoning us outside, and now that “class” isn’t in session, a walking tour of historic downtown Paducah is a great way to learn about the living history of your hometown. 

T he Paducah Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) has released a new, interactive, mobile-friendly audio tour that allows participants to follow a self-guided journey on foot throughout the streets of downtown Paducah. The tour brings listeners to 30 different stops in the city, introducing local culture, history, and architecture along the way. 

“This walking tour gives listeners an inside look at Paducah’s unique experiences that are woven together to create a cohesive and fascinating story,” says Laura Oswald, director of marketing at the Paducah CVB. “Paducah’s long and captivating narrative includes an incredible amount of history, and the CVB has made it our mission to tell the stories of our past in an easy and safe manner that celebrates sense of place and fosters local pride.”

Stops on the tour include the Paducah riverfront, The National Quilt Museum, the circa-1865 Ernest Rehkopf building, The Carson Center, and more. To help tell the story of Paducah’s rich American legacy through its built heritage, each stop includes a brief description with accompanying audio detailing the history, significance, and culture of the destination. 

The historic Paducah walking tour provides a mobile-friendly way to explore and navigate between points of interest in the area. The user-friendly format allows participants to easily hear the stories behind each stop virtually from home or in person. 

To access the historic Paducah audio tour, visit . There is more information and also some fun interactive exercises at the Paducah CVB website .

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