Dear Parents,
We worked on a Breishit booklet of the 6 days of creation. Hashem created the world in 6 days, and the 7th day he rested ( Shabbat).  The frogs class made "Noah's ark" and learned why Hashem destroyed the whole world, and why Noah and his family stayed alive. Lech lecha 
We had fun playing in "Avraham's tent". We made Avraham out of clay and painted it in our favorite color. We learned why Yitzchok was named Yitzchok, laughter.  We are reading all the “Little Greats” books about our Matriarchs and Patriarchs. The children were fascinated with the idea of a well. We watched a video about how a well works. They were amazed that there were no sinks to get your water from in those days.
 We daven and practice our alefbet every day. We are starting to hear the beginning sounds of words that start with our Alef bet. “Bayit” for Bet. “Glida” for Gimmel etc.  We are learning the numbers in Hebrew as well.  
Fall is here! What a spectacular time of the year with gorgeous colors all around. It was a good time to answer some of the questions the children asked, “Why do leaves change color?” “Why do the leaves fall off?” We learned about deciduous trees and evergreens. We read the book “Tap the Magic Tree”. They were enthralled with it. Hearing about Noah’s ark and the rainbow was an appropriate time to name all the colors in the rainbow which they learned by singing a fun song. They learned two new colors – Violet and Indigo. We also had a lot of preparation for ‘Shabbat with Dad;’ we baked, learned a special song and worked excitedly on the gift for him. The children were thrilled to show Dad their classroom and their school.