Autumn invites an opportunity to the enchanting world of nature. From beautiful forests to animals, acorns, leaves, clouds, and trees...this world is full of wonder.
We are loving every minute changes around us, and we are making the most of the season with nature studies.
We started by reading books like Why Do Leaves Change Color and My First Montessori Book of Leaf Shapes . Then the children explored size, shape, and color with different activities!

Some of the activities we have done are:

1. Nature painting - We used acorns, pine cones, rocks twigs feather, and leaves for this painting. Some of the words we thought of to describe techniques we used are “ sweeping, printing, turning, splattering, rolling, dragging and dipping.”
2. Leaf rubbing and tree trunk rubbing
3. Estimation-acorns, leaves, pumpkin seeds
4. Measuring nature items
5. Leaf drawing
Vincent Van Gogh is our special study this month. We are learning Van Gogh in a manner that is fun and interesting to young children. Looking forward to beautiful Van Gogh inspired art work by children.
We have started detailed learning about the weekly parsha. We read stories, sing songs, act out the parsha and do a special project. This week we introduced Avraham and made a special star with our name on it . When hashem told Avraham to look up at the sky, he said he was going to have as many children as the stars in the sky and the sand on the land. We are each one of those stars. We had a fun week preparing for ‘shabbat with dad’ which we all enjoyed so much! We decorated beautiful challah covers for our dads and baked yummy treats. We had a fun filled week and can’t wait to see what next week will bring.