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Current Exhibitions

photo below top © Miren Etcheverry
photo below bottom © Bill Gore
photo top right © Cathy Cone
photo bottom right @ Lisa Ryan
The Griffin at
March 9 - June 9, 2021
photo below top © Judith Montminy
photo below bottom © Landry Major
photo below bottom © Meryl Meisler
photo below bottom © Lesley Jean-Bart
photo top right © Norm Borden
photo bottom right @ Sarah Schorr
Catalog in Process

Federica Armstrong, Jan Arrigo, Gary Beeber, Meg Birnbaum, Norm Borden, Sally Bousquet, Lora Brody, Joy Bush, Richard Alan Cohen, L. Aviva Diamond, Alex Djordjevic, Steven Edson, Miren Etcheverry, Kev Filmore, Jennifer Greenberg, Maureen Halderman, Carol Isaac, Leslie Jean-Bart, Roger Carl Johanson, Susan Lapides, Susan Lirakis, Joyce P. Lopez, Bruce Magnuson, Landry Major, Carol Mathieson, Meryl Meisler, Olga Merrill, Judith Montminy, Rita Nannini, Richard O’Neill, Jaye Phillips, Ann Rosen, Susan Rosenberg Jones, Russ Rowland, Sarah Schorr, Vicky Stromee, Neelakantan Sunder, Kiyomi Yatsuhashi and Dianne Yudelson.
The Griffin at
June 23 - August 29, 2021
Closing Reception
August 29, 2021 4 - 6 PM
In Gallery

April 19 - July 4, 2021
I create compositions of an imagined worldI am fascinated by statuary in the private and public space. These monuments have been erected to embody the mythos, ideals, and spiritual aspirations of the community. They are tributes to the sacrifice of local heroes, ancient gods, or religious icons and form the basis of my imagery. SC
In January of 2019 I enrolled as a volunteer in a year-long experimental drug study aimed at treating and suppressing the HIV virus in a way not yet attempted by medical researchers using broadly neutralizing antibodies. During the study I received multiple day-long infusions of two new experimental HIV drugs over several months. To create a record of this process I gave a Polaroid camera to nurses and visitors and asked them to take pictures of me since I was not capable of making a portrait of myself on my own. LB

May 31 - August 29, 2021

© Leslie Jean-Bart, Legacy Award 2020
Arnika Dawkins is the owner of her eponymous fine art photography gallery established in Atlanta in 2012. The gallery shows work by talented emerging and mid-career artists with a specialization in showing fine art photography by African Americans and images of people from the African Diaspora.

Her passion is connecting collectors to photography that is significant, inspiring, and provocative. As a fine art photographer and avid collector herself, she is a valuable resource to collectors and artists alike. She is passionate about the medium, having obtained a Master of Arts degree in Digital Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Sept. 2 - October 1, 2021

4 PM

photo left © Lou Jones
The Griffin Museum of Photography is a nonprofit organization dedicated solely to the art of photography. Through our many exhibitions, programs and lectures, we strive to encourage a broader understanding and appreciation of the visual, emotional and social impact of photographic art.

As an institution, we are committed to insuring that our mindset, our practice, our outreach, our programming and our exhibitions set a framework with priorities for building programs and exhibitions that consider diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion through our mission that is centered around the photograph.