February 2020 Edition
We’re starting the new year off with a way for you to learn about managing your money — and an easy way to earn $100! Introducing Chesapeake Bank’s Banzai Your Budget course, designed to make you money smart! At the end of the course, you can be eligible for $100 deposited into a NEW Chesapeake Bank savings account. LEARN MORE
Questions answered by our CEO, Jeff Szyperski
Last year was crazy for our president and CEO, as he was serving as the American Banker Association’s Chairman for 2019. He’s back in Virginia now, and we sat down with him for a recap of his travels from last year. DETAILS
Roofing doesn’t sound like it could be all that exciting. But, when you hear what Williamsburg’s Streamline Roofing is doing, it takes excitement to a whole new level. Learn how they are giving back.
NEW Chesapeake Bank ATMs being installed
You may have noticed that we're upgrading all of our ATMs at our branches to better serve you!

This is yet another example of our commitment to giving our customers the very best service.
  • Feb. 10: W&M Basketball “Tribe Talk” at Precarious
  • Feb. 16: Williamsburg Youth Orchestra concert

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