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Impact Newsletter. Photo by Bobby Neptune for USAID
It is a distinctive handshake. A handshake that has been seen by millions of people around the world on schools, textbooks, bags of rice, shelter tarps and boxes of life-saving medical supplies for the past 55 years. But the USAID handshake is more than a logo. It represents the power of partnership to spur change.

On Eid Al Fitr — which marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting — USAID launched “Our Hands Tell A Story,” a campaign to highlight the incredible stories behind our long partnership with communities in the Middle East. For four decades, the generosity of the American people has helped move education, health, prosperity and peace forward in the region.

Find stories of how we’re building schools in Jordan, planting trees in Lebanon, uncovering treasures in Egypt, supporting entrepreneurs in West Bank and Gaza and empowering youth in Morocco at USAID’s Facebook page.


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Link to Transforming Lives: Belarus Brings U.S. Best Practices to Neglected Children Transforming Lives: Belarus Brings U.S. Best Practices to Neglected Children
Link to FrontLines Magazine: The Hills and Valleys of Tuberculosis  FrontLines Magazine: The Hills and Valleys of Tuberculosis


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First Family takes #LetGirlsLearn global

On her Let Girls Learn trip overseas last week, First Lady Michelle Obama, her mother and two daughters inspired girls to pursue an education and fulfill their dreams. “I see myself in these girls...and I simply cannot walk away from them,” said the First Lady. USAID committed $27 million for girls’ education in Liberia and Morocco during the trip.
First Family takes #LetGirlsLearn global.  Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon
And the #FoodPrize16 goes to... Photo by The World Food Prize
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And the #FoodPrize16 goes to...

...the champions of the orange-flesh sweet potato! Through biofortification, or enriching crops with nutrients, this crop and others have emerged as a staple for millions of households. USAID Administrator Gayle Smith honored the 30th Anniversary World Food Prize Laureates: Maria Andrade, Robert Mwanga, Jan Low and Howarth Bouis. Learn more about the power of innovation in agriculture here.
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Ready for the challenge?

At last month’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted by President Obama, USAID announced the Scaling Off-Grid Energy Grand Challenge for Development. We’re ready to invest $36 million in ideas for connecting 600 million off-grid people in sub-Saharan Africa to affordable, clean energy. Our recap piece outlines this challenge and how we’re working to end energy poverty.
Ready for the challenge? Photo by Nicole Bridge/USAID
31 Days, 31 Stories. Photo by Thomas Cristofoletti for USAID
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31 Days, 31 Stories

The #USAIDSummerSeries mini-documentary film festival is here to bring you inspiration from around the globe — and you don’t even have to leave your desk — or sofa! Grab some popcorn and stop by USAID’s Facebook page each day in July for a new film. And make sure you share your favorites. For a preview of what’s to come, visit our new Story Hub video archive!
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Food Security gets vote of support

On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Global Food Security Act, legislation that authorizes Feed the Future and USAID’s Emergency Food Security Program. President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law. Take a look at lives impacted by USAID’s food programs in Hapsatou for Senegal’s Health and Small Innovation, Big Harvest.
Food Security gets vote of support. Photo by Ellie Van Houtte/USAID