November 2017
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Featured Event
Home Visits Concluded
We conducted 322 HOME VISITS throughout Greene, Christian, and Webster counties and are now getting ready for the next phase of our Christmas project. 
We will be preparing shop sheets (no easy task for so many families and kids), ordering and delivery to the warehouse of many larger gifts (bikes, furniture, appliances, etc.), and preparing the warehouse for the wonderful chaos of December.
OUR CHRISTMAS PROJECT officially begins in September and an abundance of hard work goes into preparing for the season, but the first two weeks of December are what make it all worthwhile! This is when our volunteer army swings into action and our activities rise to a fever pitch! Help Give Hope is a robust year-round children’s charity but there’s nothing like being on the front lines of this effort in December! Here’s a recap of what will be happening in just a few short weeks…
When:  7am, Monday and Tuesday, December 4 th & 5 th
Where : Wal-Mart Supercenter, Ozark, MO. 

Shop for one hour or all morning! The more shoppers we have will speedup the process. usually around 11am to noon. Bring a friend and enjoy the fun!

When: 9 am till finish (usually by noon), Wednesday, j. December 6 th ,
Where: HGH Warehouse, 2809 N. Cedarbrook Ave.

A real need this year for more auditors! Bring a friend and help. Breakfast will be provided. We have added an extra step to this process so we can use extra hands!
When: 9-12pm, Thursday, December 7 th
Where: Target and Toys R Us. 

This is when we buy all the gifts we couldn’t find at the first shopping event. Call Murray to volunteer at (417) 209-7027.

When : 9am - 1pm Friday, December 8 th
9am - finish Saturday, December 9 th
Where: HGH Warehouse, 2809 N. Cedarbrook, Ave

All are invited to help--moms, dads, kids, neighbors, friends, cousins, even your mailman! Lunch is provided both days! Come wrap presents while listening to the sweet Christmas tunes you love. It’s a party!

We conclude our Christmas project the following week with DISTRIBUTION and SANTA DELIVERIES. (Volunteer teams already in place).
We are still accepting gently used furniture and appliances. There is always a high demand for washers, dryers, refrigerators, couches, kitchen tables, chairs, dressers, and beds. Every donated item is one less we must purchase.
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Murray Beairsto
Executive Director  
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