CoHousing Solutions Newsletter | February 2021
If you have been following us for a while you know that we love the process of cohousing development, but, we will let you in on a little secret . . It's not easy!
If you have been dreaming of living in a cohousing neighborhood but find the development process too daunting, we have good news for you. There are several communities that have already completed many of the most difficult milestones, and are searching for a few more members before they dive into construction. Jumping into your dream community after most of the hard work has been done, just in time to move into your brand new home? What could be better than that?!
If this sounds like a dream come true, take a look at the communities we have listed below. They are all completely unique, and searching for a few more future neighbors to join them before they break out the hard hats.
Washington Commons
Washington Commons is an urban community nestled along the river in West Sacramento, CA. West Sacramento is a thriving, up-and-coming city, and the Washington Commons site is in close proximity to all the area has to offer. It is within walking distance to restaurants, bars, shops, museums, and beautiful walking / biking trails.

Washington Commons is working with UD+P as their developer, and will have a similar design to PDX Commons in Portland, OR. They've submitted for building permits, and they are on track to start construction later this year! If you are looking for a life that perfectly balances authentic community and city-living, this could be the community for you!
Bozeman Cohousing
Founded in 2019, this unique community is flying through the stages of development and are on track for a 2022 move in. Located in Bozeman, MT, the members of Bozeman Cohousing have worked with their architect, Studio Co+Hab, to create a beautiful indoor atrium that will connect some homes to the common house. This way, residents can still enjoy walking their community and socalizing "outdoors" even when the weather is says otherwise. This community has focused their planning and design almost entirely around the idea of sustainability, and are using all means possible to minimize their footprint.

"The overall goal the community set was 'Net-Zero,' which is a fancy way of saying, 'We want our buildings to have the smallest possible carbon footprint, all the way down to none.' That is, after all the energy goes in and out, there is minimal ongoing fossil fuel use."
-Steve Allison-Bunnell

Bozeman Cohousing is nearly 70% sold out! If you are searching for a sustainable community bikable to everything in town and close to lots of outdoor fun (hiking, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, etc), contact them today!
Heartwood Commons
The members of Heartwood Commons are bringing the first cohousing community to Tulsa, OK. Heartwood Commons is a 55+ community, dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, accessibility, and social connections for successful aging in place. The members of Heartwood Commons value community connection over all else, and have spent countless hours piecing together the perfect community elements including winding walking paths, a dog park, a workshop, a hot tub, fire pits and conversation nodes.
They broke ground in January 2021, and are sailing towards move-in. It won't be much longer before this community is sold out!
Cohousing Houston
This will be the first cohousing community in Texas! This intergenerational community comprised of members from all sorts of backgrounds. Their site is in the East End of Houston, close to parks, bike trails, and the light rail.

David Kelley, a 500 Communities Graduate and CoHousing Solutions Affiliate is the developer on the project. He has been working with the group since its earliest stages, and is excited to see it come to life.
River Song Cohousing
River Song Cohousing will be settled along the beautiful Willamette River in Eugene, OR. The city bike path runs along the river, connecting the community to nearby parks and shopping, and restaurants. This intergenerational community highly values the full life cycle, and the unique contributions of children, elders, parents, and non-parents to community life.

They are currently working with their developer, UD+P, to break ground as soon as possible, so now is the time to get involved!
The 500 Communities Program
Like we mentioned at the beginning of this email, cohousing development is hard work. But it is also very important, interesting, fulfilling, and exciting work. Watching your client communities come to life is a feeling like no other. Seeing 25+ families coming together to live in a more connected and sustainable way inspires us for a brighter, more sustainable future.
If you are drawn to this sort of work, we encourage you to look into our 500 Communities Program. It is the only program of its kind, giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to incorporate cohousing development into their careers.
You can read all about the program details on our website. We also encourage prospective applicants to join our next webinar, where Katie McCamant will be giving a live overview of the program and answering questions.

The webinar will be taking place on February 25th at 5:00 pm PST.
Stepping Into Cohousing
Join cohousers, aspiring cohousers, and cohousing professionals like Katie McCamant this Saturday at the Cohousing Assocation's Stepping Into Cohousing virtual conference. This event will be comprised of a series of speakers who will talk about what it takes to make cohousing a reality. They will cover all aspects of the timeline, from the moment you say "let's build a cohousing community," to the moment you move in.

Join Katie McCamant at her session "Do we need a Developer: Choosing a Development Strategy." If you are considering brining a cohousing community to life, you don't want to miss this event.
We're Here to Help!
We provide development consulting services to help you create your sustainable neighborhood. Our team pioneered the development of cohousing in North America, and we have helped create dozens of successful communities.
Our newest venture involves training passionate cohousing entrepreneurs through the year-long 500 Communities Program.
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