Wow! 2015 was an exciting and busy year for OHP. Of course the biggest news from this year is the successful inscription of San Antonio’s Spanish Colonial Missions as a World Heritage Site. We were honored play a role in this community effort and to participate in the city-wide celebration by hosting the Restored by Light projection in October. Be sure to follow the video link below! The importance of the World Heritage designation for San Antonio cannot be understated, and the City is committed to the ongoing stewardship and promotion of these community treasures.

This year we launched the Vacant Buildings Registration Pilot Program which has already yielded some positive results in our center city neighborhoods and historic districts. We look forward to developing this program further based on input from the community and our elected officials.

We also began several new initiatives aimed at broadening the conversation about historic preservation to include cultural significance and the intangible aspects of heritage. We can’t wait to launch our ScoutSA survey and designation initiative which will further engage the community in the identification and designation of new cultural resources that are important to San Antonio. ScoutSA captures the spirit of exploration and discovery of the treasures that make San Antonio unique.

2015 also marks the availability of a new State Historic Tax Credit for rehabilitation. The new credit can be combined with the existing federal tax credits providing a valuable 45% of the rehab costs.. We know that this incentive will spur revitalization efforts in our historic center city, and have worked to facilitate the use of the credits by hosting multiple Historic Tax Credit workshops. The availability of the credit has also necessitated the creation of a new National Register District in Downtown San Antonio, which we will be in place in 2016.

Keep reading for more details on these initiatives and a recap of some of our biggest events from 2015. There’s also a sneak peak of what’s to come next year at the end of this newsletter. Be on the lookout for more details of our launch event in January!

We couldn’t accomplish all of this without the dedicated staff at OHP. This year, we’ve welcomed several new members to our team: John Stevens, Anitra Henning, Katie Totman, Lauren Sage, Ernie Gutierrez, and Jacques Villere. Thank you all for your hard work and commitment!

Finally, we want to hear from you! Please take time to complete our survey. Your input will improve our customer service and may shape future programs.

Happy Holidays,