August-September 2018
Under the Hood of the MSCI EM Index

We don’t have to look back that far to see how much times have changed in the emerging markets from the heyday of the BRICs.

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Are US Companies Investing Enough for the Future?

Equity investors should always make sure companies strike the right balance between deploying cash flows for short-term shareholder rewards and strategic reinvestment.

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Not all short-duration strategies are created equal

Today’s fixed income investors face a number of formidable challenges. This environment has left many investors strapped for yield and return, potentially forcing them to step outside their normal risk tolerance to pursue investment objectives.

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Global landscape evolves in wake of Supreme Court decision

The global scope of venues for group securities litigation continues to expand since a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court case ended two kinds of securities class-action claims that had propagated in the prior years.

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Tools help build risk-adaptive portfolios

In the current environment of low yields, pricey equity markets and lower expectations for portfolio returns, institutional investors may find it challenging to meet their return objectives over the next several years.

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You invest in factors, just make sure they're the right ones

Active or passive, fundamental or quantitative, domestic or international, developed or emerging, the result is the same. Whether you know it or not, your portfolio contains factor exposure.

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Private credit EBITA add backs - why should investors care?

A key challenge is a current shift in the magnitude and type of EBITDA add backs that are being used to justify higher debt levels and valuations.

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China's quest for artificial intelligence

China is making a name for itself in the artificial intelligence space. And the government is working with the country’s tech industry to promote AI research and infrastructure.

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Energy midstream is shifting models

Energy midstream is currently undergoing a transformative shift between two mutually-exclusive models.

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Was your photo taken?
TEXPERS held its annual Summer Educational Forum Aug. 12-14 in San Antonio. Trustees and administrators of public employee pension plans in Texas, as well as investment firms and other fund service providers, attended educational and networking programs. This year's theme: Texas Pension Chili: A Recipe for Returns. Click the link below to view a photo album of the forum on TEXPERS' Facebook page.
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