December 2019
December 2019 Newsletter
Our Lessons for December
Don't forget that you can find lots of information on the Parent Portal page of the church website! Our new Bible verse, songs, upcoming events, and more are all there for you. We also provide extra coloring and activity pages for each Sunday that you can download and print at home! These accompany each Sunday's lesson, and are a way for you to reinforce at home what they have learned at church on Sunday. Take a look today!
Sunday, December 1st - David Sinned
& Was Restored
We will finish our unit on David today, and see that God forgives sin when we repent!
Sunday, December 8th (in Watering Hole):
Bible Blitz & The Genealogy of Jesus
In Watering Hole, we will watch a story video about the genealogy of Jesus, linking back through people we have learned about! We will also play a review game of our David lessons, and the kids can say their memory verse, below, for a prize!
Sunday, December 8th (in Little Explorers)
The Senses of Christmas!
The Little Explorers will spend this Sunday using their 5 senses to talk about Christmas and what it means! They will taste, touch, smell, listen, and see things that will help them remember who was born on Christmas, and what we'll be learning about over the next few weeks!
Sunday, December 15th: Angels Spoke
to Mary and Joseph
Sunday, December 22nd: Jesus was Born
Sunday, December 30th: Wise Men Visited Jesus
New Memory Verse for Watering Hole
Memorize Isaiah 9:6 by December 30th!
In Watering Hole, the kids will be challenged to memorize this verse beginning on December 8th. They will only have 3 weeks to memorize it, so you may want to get a head start now! Moms, Dads, grandparents...this is the verse that Pastor Nate will be preaching on in December. Why not make it a family challenge to memorize it?!
Serve at Grand Family Day!
Join us as we help our outreach team!
Consider helping at the last Grand Family Fun Day of the year, as we give grandparents who are raising grandchildren a day off! If you do not currently have a background check, you must fill one out by Monday, December 2nd! Go to THIS PAGE
on our website for more information!
Give a Party - from your family to another!
Give a
"Happy Birthday Jesus" party to a family in our community!
First Alliance is once again organizing Christmas gifts donated from a local community (Maple Leaf Estates) and giving them to families in need in our community. Would you help us tell these families about what Christmas really means? We are asking our Safari Kid families to provide a "Party in a bag" for these families to take home with them. How? During the first week of December, you would bring us a bag with certain items (see our Parent Portal ) so that these families can go home and have a Happy Birthday Jesus party! Safari Kids will donate a book to each bag that is brought in by one of our families. Be sure to look for details on the Parent Portal - the last day to turn it in is DECEMBER 8th!