Crank up those lawnmowers, friends -- SUMMER is here! I'm hard at work getting my next novel, The Thirteenth Cabin, ready for its September 13 launch! Take a peek below to learn more about Raegan O'Rourke, a red-haired spitfire with a complicated family, a deep secret, and an uncanny ability to uncover the real truth. And stay tuned for the July email. Why? Two words: cover reveal!

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Meet Raegan O'Rourke

The Thirteenth Cabin's protagonist, Raegan O’Rourke, is a talented investigative reporter with a knack for uncovering the truth. The real truth. How? Well, Raegan has a gift: she touches things and see visions of past events. She uses her “touch” to help people by holding those in power accountable in a very public way. 

Raegan’s gift is also a curse. It’s been passed down to the women in her maternal family for generations. And for every Ainsley woman born with the touch, there is a Faust man hellbent on eradicating her and her ability – or harnessing it for his own nefarious purposes.

As a result, Raegan and her family live in constant fear, driving her to the brink of alcoholism just to function. And the fact that she’s secretly in love with a Faust only complicates things.

When she's given the chance to help a northern Minnesota community find closure to a decades-old mystery, her only obstacle is herself. Will she overcome?

The Thirteenth Cabin is coming your way September 13!

Author Q&A with Elizabeth Holland

HUGE thanks to fellow author Elizabeth Holland for dedicating a bit of space on her blog to me! Check out the post here!

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