The Gretchen Gotthart Skeldon Fund was founded in 2010 when our friend passed away after a long struggle with breast cancer.  

Friends and family members knew we needed to continue the work she started....and we have done so in her name for the last five years.  

T he Mission of the Fund is simple:  help improve the lives of adults and children with cancer with disabilities in our community.  

T oday, we would like to highlight our work with the Ability Center of North West Ohio.  

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Watch this quick video to learn more about Sunshine Inc. or visit their website  HERE.  

FASHIONABLY LATE is the annual summer party fundraiser that supports all of the programs and agencies the Gretchen Gotthart Skeldon Fund supports.

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We at the GGS Fund became acquainted with the amazing work being done at Sunshine Inc. largely because Gretchen and Phil's Daughter, Lily, has special needs.  She has utilized the facility's programs many times...and was always the better for it. 

Our first project with Sunshine was refurbishing one of the respite care homes.  We donated funds to rehab the facility as well as volunteered to paint! 

More recently, Sunshine came to us with a need that perfectly fit our mission and goals! 

Funds were donated to purchase adaptive musical instruments for folks at Sunshine as well as support to hire a teacher.  

The program continues to be a huge success.  We are proud of our partnership with Sunshine Inc.  With YOUR HELP we can continue to fund these small projects that will brighten the lives of the residents and visitors to Sunshine Inc.