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Woop, woop, I've got the photos from my first  DIGITAL INTERIOR DESIGN and I'd like to share them with you today.

Digital Interior Design, for those who haven't heard of it, is remote or online interior design... you never meet me in person and everything is undertaken on the phone or the internet. Imagine never meeting me!

Digital Interior Design is useful for anyone who travels or has a busy lifestyle where meeting me in person is tricky to schedule into your diary.

It's also convenient if you need advice or guidance on a room but you then want to undertake the shopping and styling yourself.

Here's Mel's story so that you can see how it helped create her luscious lounge and dream dining room full of  personality.

"The digital design service appealed to me and my husband because we're both incredibly busy. With our difference of opinions, we wanted an independent designer to interpret all of our ideas and turn them into a space that reflects both of our personalities." Mel (Beckenham, Kent)

Initially Mel's lounge and dining room were unfinished with dominant red sofas that they wanted to get rid of.

She wanted a relaxing and contemporary style but her husband was looking for an eclectic style incorporating their ethnic treasures from their travels abroad.

When creating the new design I initially looked at the layout of the room and then flipped it around swapping over the lounge and dining areas. I did this because the energy in the new lounge area is soft and relaxing whilst the energy in the dining area is energetic and invigorating.

I can often feel the energy in a room without ever having been in the room. I suppose it's a sixth sense that I'm blessed with and it's really useful for digital interior design when all I can see is a photo of the room.

Mel said that she wouldn't have thought of flipping the room layout without seeing how it could work in the digital design.

Often, we get stuck in what we see everyday and can't think out of the box, so having an independent eye can help to see things differently.

This is the case with another design I'm creating at the moment where the old kitchen is an L shape so the new kitchen was being designed the same, BUT I feel that the most appropriate shape for the new kitchen is a modern linear style so I'm changing the layout. It's so refreshing and will work so much better for the family.

In Mel's lounge, she wanted me to incorporate a new chair they'd bought - you know how I love a chair.

I restyled the chair with refreshing and stylish cushions in trendy yellow colour with fun fringing... and a golden Pineapple to symbolise warmth and wealth.

The lounge is now a cocoon of happiness. It feels nurturing and comfortable... gone are the red sofas and in comes a luxurious velvet sofa with matching footstool.

I love how Mel's husband has embraced the design and created a side table that's in keeping with the style of the new room. He's so talented.

The new shelving unit in the dining area not only showcases the couple's lovely treasures from their travels but is also a conversation piece when entertaining friends and family.

The dining area feels relaxing, interesting and welcoming.

Here's what Mel thinks of the finished room:

"After a few years living in our home, and even with our backgrounds working with space, we simply couldn't find a way to make it work to reflect our different styles and personalities.
The process was quick and easy to follow with clever questions and a gentle approach that allowed us to fully express how we wanted our home to feel and look like. The digital design managed to interpret all of our demands and differing opinions to turn them into a space that reflects our personality, harmonises the space and complements the rest of our home.
Our room is the eclectic and modern entertaining space we've always wanted."
The room looks amazing and is now personalised to suit their individual tastes... even their dog 'Rocky' feels relaxed and comfortable in the new room.

If you've been struggling to agree on
how to decorate your room
get in touch
I'll help you create an amazing room,
your perfect place to relax, unwind and re-energize.

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