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yellow phalaenopsis
Until October 14 two of us will be out of the office leaving only one employee left to handle our business needs. So why not offer a discount for customers willing to wait until we return before sending your package?

If you don't mind waiting then we'd like to make you an offer. From now until October 14 you can save 10% off any purchase over $30 using the Coupon Code IWILLWAIT. We'll acknowledge your purchase but won't be able to ship until Monday October 15.
10% OFF
(Combine with our Quantity Discount to save up to 30%)
During checkout simply enter Coupon Code IWILLWAIT.
10% will be deducted from your purchase. We'll acknowledge your order and plan to begin shipping all discounted purchases on October 15.
This deal is on from now until October 14.
Minimum purchase $30.