Tribute to my mother - 57 day cleanse
My mother died at my current age.
She died from a lack of self care (lung cancer).
Now at 57, I am healthy and deeply in love... and I teach self-care.

Why? Because my mother's self-care habits, caused her to suffer excruciating, unnecessary pain.

  • My mother smoked unfiltered cigarettes every day from age 11 to 57.
  • My mother drank black coffee from 5am-10am every morning.
  • My mother drank red wine every day from 10am-3pm.
  • My mother drank dry sherry every night from 3pm-10pm.
  • My mother was poverty level poor. She worked hard and struggled every day.
  • My mother gave up on love and never dated again - when she was 37, after 2 failed marriages.

I have decided to pay tribute to my mother by embarking on a 57-day cleanse in her honor. I feel that, if I am given the "gift" of additional time to live beyond 57 years and 133 days; then I choose to fully live. 

Unfortunately my mother did not fully live. She didn't have the support or knowledge to overcome her circumstances. I have spent my whole life figuring out how to overcome "our" circumstances and to fully live...

Because I choose to be an example, as well as a guide... I would like to share my personal journey with you, as I pay tribute to my beautiful and dearly missed mother, Lois Doreen Dejean (affectionately known as Wayney).