January 2017
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Do any detox products or detox programs help your body eliminate toxins and make you healthier?
If you want more details after reading this overview of treatments and self-care for overactive bladder (i.e., urge incontinence), here is information about diagnostic tests, Kegel exercises, and drug treatments.
Is hot yoga safe? Beneficial?
Here's a look at the healthfulness of foods expected to be trendy in 2017
While cancer immunotherapies can be extraordinarily effective, they also entail significant risks which patients (and doctors) are sometimes inadequately informed about.
Are diet sodas a healthful choice?
Your child is coughing a lot. Should you make an appointment with the pediatrician?

High-Intensity Interval Training Exercise Programs
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) appears to burn more calories, increase endurance, and reduce insulin resistance more effectively than exercising at a steady pace. If you want to learn about these exercise programs, this basic information will be helpful. You may also want to explore popular misconceptions about HIIT.

Helping Your Immune System
Products that claim to "boost your immune system" have little scientific credibility. However, you really can increase your resistance to infectious diseases. Here's how.
Many people use echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C to prevent or recover from colds. How well do these supplements work? Find additional information about alternative therapies for colds and flu at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

Antidepressants & Alcohol
Alcohol can interact with antidepressants in complex and negative ways, but people often fail to recognize the harmful interactions because they may not show up immediately. Avoiding alcohol can be especially important for individuals who have certain other health conditions or who take specific types of antidepressants. More information is provided here.

Relieving Osteoarthritic Pain
Among commonly used alternative therapies for osteoarthritic joint pain, research suggests four that successfully reduce discomfort and three that don't. Several self-care measures are also beneficial.
Consumer Reports has evaluated the safety and effectiveness of over-the-counter medications in treating the pain of osteoarthritis.
Bipolar Disorder
Two experts recently discussed eight challenges they face in diagnosing and treating bipolar disorder (BD). These include distinguishing BD from borderline personality disorder and from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and treating individuals who have both BD and ADHD.
Prescription Drug Pricing
What determines the cost of drugs in various countries? How much less do drugs cost in countries that regulate drug prices? What might happen if we regulated prices in the U.S.? Explore these issues in an illustrated, easy-to-read format.

Community Events

All events are open to the public. Some require pre-registration.
.....* Fee for participation

Multiple San Jose locations in Jan. & Feb.
Multiple San Jose locations in Jan. & Feb.
San Jose - Mon., Jan. 9, 23, & 30
Anxiety disorders (see p. 1)
San Jose - Tues., 1/10
Palo Alto - Tues., 1/10
San Jose - Tues., 1/10
San Jose - Wed., 1/11
Santa Clara - 5-week class begins Wed., 1/11
Milpitas - 8-week class begins Wed., 1/11
San Jose - Wed., 1/11
San Jose - Wed., 1/11
Cupertino - Thurs., 1/12
San Jose - Sat., 1/14
Mountain View - Tues., 1/17
Los Gatos - 5-week class begins Tues., 1/17
Mountain View - 8-week workshop begins Tues., 1/17
Palo Alto - Thurs., 1/19
Mountain View - Thurs., 1/19
Sunnyvale - Thurs., 1/19
San Jose - 8-week class begins Thurs., 1/19
Sunnyvale - 6-week class begins Fri., 1/20
Cancer & immunotherapy (in Mandarin)
Los Gatos - Sat., 1/21
Sunnyvale - Sat., 1/21
Mountain View - Mon., 1/23
Mountain View - 3-week, 6-session class begins Mon., 1/23
Mountain View - Tues., 1/24
Sunnyvale - Tues., 1/24
Mountain View - Fri., 1/26
Santa Clara - Tues., 1/31
San Jose - Sat., 2/4
Mountain View - Thurs., 2/9

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