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ALCHEMY Career Management

Take Charge of your Career


As we launch into another year there is still a lot of uncertainty in the market and a "wait and see" approach is impacting career plans.


Individuals and employers are unclear about what the career opportunities are and as a result, there's a vacuum of career development. 

ALCHEMY Career Builder Career Success


When staff are empowered to drive their own career and they have managers who are positively supporting them, your organisation can expect a highly engaged and productive workforce.


The ALCHEMY Career Builder 

 - a workshop series for staff to help them take charge of their career

 - training for managers on having effective career discussions

 - one on one coaching where needed.


For further detail, click on the link below for the solution flyer: 

 Click here for the ALCHEMY Career Builder flyer 


Contact us to see how we can tailor this for your organisation. 


HunterBligh Executive Transition 


This quarter,  HunterBligh look at a critical challenge facing executives during career change . . .


Executives in transition quickly learn that they are no longer the buyer, they are now the seller.


This shift in power can be quite difficult, as the behaviours required for success are different.  

But how does an executive unpack all of those buying years and accept that someone else is the buyer now? How do they learn the skills of a seller?  Let's face it, it's a lot harder to sell than to buy!   

How Can We Help?
Every circumstance is different, all are confidential.
Let us know about your business and we will detail how we can support you, your people and your organisation.

The ALCHEMY and HunterBligh Team 
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"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Career Outcomes

73% of staff are more engaged when they have 'access to tools that help manage their career goals'.
Grow your own CEO. 2010

70% of of our development comes from experience; 20%  comes from guidance; and
is a result of formal training.