Product Spotlight
GM LS7 Intake Manifold
The 2-piece molded polymer design resists heat soak, minimizes weight, and allows easy access to the runners for porting. MSD Atomic AirForce intake manifolds accept an OEM or 103mm throttle body, as well as stock, aftermarket, or Atomic LS EFI fuel rails.

Feature Build
In part one we introduced the new CBM Naturally Aspirated 490ci RHS Tall Deck racing engine, this build will be going in a 4400 class Ultra4 car. You might remember we started out the build with an RHS LS block with a 4.165 bore and a 4.5 stroke. After balancing our rotating assembly which consists of a set of custom JE pistons, a set of Callies Ultra connecting rods, and a Callies billet crankshaft we moved forward with the installation using ARP fasteners through out.

In the camshaft department a CBM/ Comp Cams custom grind solid roller was used, with our compression ratio @13.7:1. we installed CBM billet front and rear covers and a ATI super dampner. On top we have a pair of Trick Flow cylinder heads with CBM billet valve covers, an MSD Atomic Airforce intake, a pair of CBM fuel rails and a CBM/Accufab 105mm throttle body. This beast is ready to race!! See all CBM Racing Engines here.

A set of custom JE pistons for our 490`s comp ratio @13.7:1
A set of Callies Ultra connecting rods, and a Callies billet crankshaft.
Trick Flow heads, MSD intake, CBM fuel rails and a CBM 105mm throttle body.
CBM Racing
Ultra4 Racing
JP Gomez wins the 2020 Ultra4 Lasernut, Area BFE Beatdown event 4400 unlimited class. Congratulations to JP and his team and thanks for using CBM electronics.

photo: Alan Johnson
Ultra4 Racing
On the heels of his big brother Raul Gomez grabs a 3rd place podium finish at the 2020 Ultra4 Lasernut, Area BFE Beatdown event 4400 unlimited class. Thanks Raul for using CBM electronics.

photo: Alan Johnson
More from the 2020 Ultra4 Lasernut, Area BFE Beatdown event.
4400 Unlimited Class, 5th Place Bailey Cole CBM engine, 6th Place Randy Slawson CBM engine, 8th Place Bryan Crofts CBM engine. 4500 Class, 1st Place Dan Fresh CBM electronics.
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