August 7, 2014
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To: Members and Friends of the Maryland Green Registry


Did you know that nearly a third of the municipal waste stream is comprised of food scraps and yard waste? While the composting rate for yard trimmings is 70 percent, only nine percent of all food waste in Maryland is composted. When you consider population growth, demand on landfill capacity, and the greenhouse gases generated by food going to landfills, it's easy to see that food waste reduction and composting offer a very viable solution (and a nutrient-rich soil supplement!)   

A growing number of Maryland Green Registry and Maryland Green Travel members have been leading the way through workplace composting programs. To encourage and recognize these efforts, we are introducing the Maryland Green Registry Compost Challenge. A new check box for "Composting" has been added to the member application and we hope that current members will update their profiles to include information about their composting and food waste reduction activities. 

The names of members that have already included composting in their member profile have been added to our Compost Challenge webpage. Please check out the list and let us know if you should be on it. If your facility no longer composts and should be re-moved, please notify us by e-mailing green.registry@maryland.govAt next year's membership and awards meeting, we will announce the total pounds of material composted. All member organizations that are currently composting will also be entered into a prize drawing.
For those members just getting started, please visit the Compost Challenge page for tips and resources on food waste reduction, food donation, food waste haulers and onsite composting. Check also with your current waste hauler - you may be able to save money through reduced waste disposal fees.

Laura Armstrong

Maryland Green Registry Coordinator


Rebates, get your rebates!

Does your facility have old lamp bulbs and ballasts? Do they flicker or hum? Do they give off heat? Do you have lights left on in unoccupied areas? Are exterior lights left on during daylight hours? Are you spending time and resources replacing bulbs that burn out? Correcting these issues can offer significant cost savings and now is the time to act. EmPower Maryland rebates offered through the utilities are set to expire December 31, 2014 or when incentive funds have been fully committed. Contractors can perform audits on lighting fixtures and controls, assist with the rebate application process and even offer financing. Rebates are also available for HVAC and other equipment. (Note that small businesses may need to use pre-approved contractors for maximum benefits.) See your utility for more info:  BGE, Delmarva PowerPepcoPotomac Edison, and SMECO.

Hey, how did you do that?

Are you about to embark on a new environmental goal or project? It's likely that your fellow Maryland Green Registry members have done the same or something similar. Take advantage of their expertise and practical experience by reaching out one these three ways:

  1) Post a question on the Registry's LinkedIn Group;

  2) Call the phone number at the top of the member profile to ask about a         practice they have shared in their profile; or

  3) Call the Maryland Green Registry at 410-537-4119 to facilitate an               introduction to another member company.

Organizations join the Registry because they want to share their environmental successes and typically are happy to share their experiences and lessons learned. 

Update your profile, update your profile, update...

Forgive us for sounding like a broken record, but here's why you need to keep your Maryland Green Registry profile current: because it's online! Who wants old, outdated information about their company out there in cyberspace?  Let people know your commitment to sustainability is ongoing. To update, e-mail to request the Word document of your profile so that you can edit it directly and send it back. If it's been three years since you have updated, we need to hear from you in order to keep your organization on the Registry list. Your profile has been posted here for easy downloading.  Thank you to all the members who have recently updated their profiles. We always like hearing from you and assisting with any questions you may have in undertaking new environmental practices and projects.



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