This Pandemic is Hard
Find Out How Your Business is Doing Relative to Others!
The Downtown Association of Santa Cruz is proudly partnering with the Santa Cruz Economic Recovery Council (ERC) and Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce to find out how our business community is facing the ongoing pandemic. Take the survey - and get the results - to find out how you are faring relative
to other businesses of your size, in your industry, right here in Santa Cruz!
To help both you and the ERC gain a better understanding of our community’s real-life circumstances, this survey seeks your input on the economic, health and safety impacts your business, organization, employees, and customers have experienced since the outbreak of COVID-19. Your responses will provide us with a better understanding of what the business and non-profit communities need from the public and private sectors. 
The survey will take a few minutes of your time, and it will give us all very helpful data on the health of our local economy. We will aggregate the responses and share a report, so you can choose to enter your information anonymously if you prefer. Or, sign-up to receive the survey results directly!

Thank you for participating in this important community business survey.
Note: You may have already received this survey link from the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce.
Sent to you by your friends at the Downtown Association of Santa Cruz!

Executive Director | Jorian Wilkins