A simple request from Frank Strauss, the Founder & Chairman of Expect Miracles Foundation:

I created Expect Miracles Foundation 25 years ago by launching what we now call the East Coast Classic golf tournament. And while that event and the West Coast Classic are postponed due to the pandemic, the needs of cancer patients and survivors, especially young adults, are greater than ever because of this historic health and economic crisis. But you can still make a big difference with just a simple putt.
So I challenge YOU to take the
Expect Miracles Putting Challenge, here's how:
1.) Accept the Challenge - Film yourself taking the Expect Miracles Putting Challenge by stating which challenge you accept:
One and Done - you agree to make a donation to Expect Miracles Foundation and if you miss the 10-foot putt, you will double the donation.
Per Stroke - you agree to donate a certain amount for each putt it takes to "sink" the putt.

2.) Take your putt(s)

3.) Challenge 2 other people to take the Expect Miracles Putting Challenge

4.) Post this message and your video to social media. Be sure to tag your friends and include the link to our website: I took the Expect Miracles Putting Challenge to support the Samfund COVID-19 Emergency Fund because #cancerisntfree. I challenge Friend 1 and Friend 2 to take the challenge! bit.ly/SamfundCOVID19

5.) Go to bit.ly/SamfundCOVID19 to make your donation.

6.) Smile - you just did an awesome thing to help people!

Here's a video where I introduce the Expect Miracles Putting Challenge and take it myself.
Thank you!

Frank Strauss
Founder & Chairman
Expect Miracles Foundation