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June 3rd, 2020
Springs Recovery Connection Mission
To strengthen the recovery community through peer and family support, public education and advocacy.
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We are creating a recovery friendly community, one person at a time
Because of your support, SRC now has over 2,000 supporters including coaches, volunteers, sponsors and donors. Thank you Colorado Springs!

The Springs Recovery Connection Peer-to-Peer Recovery Coach Model is based upon the belief that coaching is about freedom, support, the future, and a fresh perspective. We understand that recovery is often about past struggles and old stories. SRC combines Peer-to-Peer Coaching and Recovery to create a conversation around possibilities. 

Recovery Hero: Ashley Crockett
Our Recovery Hero of the week,  Ashley Crockett !
My name is Ashley Crockett and I have been in recovery for twenty-nine years. One day I awakened in the midst of wreckage caused my substance abuse;I felt I couldn’t go on the way I was living and I wanted to die. It was my birthday. When the irony of that moment dawned on me, I made the choice to recover my life.

What is CRAFT?
CRAFT teaches family members to do the following:

  • Identify their loved one’s triggers for and results of their use.
  • Break the patterns that lead to or increase a loved one’s drinking or using.
  • Develop and improve communication skills to more effectively express their needs and requests.
  • Help their loved one access effective addiction treatment resources when he/she expresses interest in treatment.
  • Learn or re-learn how to take care of themselves and reconnect with their values, so that regardless of their loved one’s use, they can still lead a life that is centered on their values and not their loved one’s drug/alcohol use.
  • If violence or the potential for violence exists, help family members identify triggers for violence and develop plans to keep themselves (and their children) safe.

What are the goals of a Recovery Coach? (Does this sound like you?)
  • Promote Recovery
  • Remove Barriers
  • Connect People with Resources
  • Encourage hope, optimism and healthy living.

Elder’s Meditation of the
Day June 3
“IN THE BEGINNING were the Instructions… The Instruction was to live in a good way and be respectful to everybody and everything.”

–Vickie Downey, TEWA/Tesuque Pueblo

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