Dear #Positivity Friends,

Hey, 2024 is a leap year! That means this month you get an extra day—February 29. Maybe you’re thinking this is no big deal. It’s just another day where you have to walk the dog or go to work or drive the kids around to their after-school activities, right? Wrong! 

What if you seized this bonus day and made it a tiny bit special? Do something daredevilish or completely out of character or just plain fun. Eat a cupcake for breakfast. Go to the movies alone in the middle of the afternoon. Sing a song at the top of your lungs. Play with the puppies at your local animal shelter for an hour. Read a comic book. Whatever thing you do, make sure it puts a little smile on your face.

Celebrate this gift of time like a true “leapling” (those lucky folks who are born on this day). It’s like finding a dollar in your pocket—spend it anyway you choose! 

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With hope and positivity,

#Positivity® Stories

Dig This

A Philadelphia neighborhood has man’s best friend to thank for averting a potential disaster. When Chanell Bell’s husky, Kobe, dug a hole in her yard, she chalked it up to naughty dog behavior. She refilled the hole but soon he dug it again. After a few rounds of this uncharacteristic destructiveness, Bell realized Kobe was telling her something. Having recently had a small gas leak repaired on the heater in her house, she decided to check out the hole with a hand-held gas detection device. The reader went off so Bell called the gas company, who found three leaks in the neighborhood system that could easily have caused an explosion or long-term health issues for nearby residents. The repair crew was impressed with Kobe’s discovery. Bell says, “It feels amazing to know Kobe saved our block. I am very thankful to have him.” 

Restoring Treasures

A jeweler in Maui, Hawaii has been working behind the scenes to help victims of last year’s wildfires restore some of their belongings. Omi Chamdi, owner of No Ka ‘Oi Jewelers, has been volunteering his repair services to local residents whose jewelry was damaged in the fires. He has restored over 150 pieces—polishing, cleaning, soldering, and plating—to bring the treasures back to their former condition. “These are not just ordinary items, these are the most precious possessions that people dig through the rubble to find,” Chamdi said. “That’s why I feel this is something I want to do and must do, because this is within my expertise.” 

Pavement with Pores

Groundwater flooding is becoming a huge problem in America’s cities and towns, mostly as a result of poor drainage in the face of extreme weather events. So much of the ground today is covered with asphalt and concrete that the water has nowhere to go. AquiPor, a startup out of Spokane, Washington, has developed a porous pavement material that allows stormwater to flow through it and back into the ground instead of pooling on top. This material is also able to filter out debris and pollutants that would otherwise compromise the stability of the pavement. While still in the testing stage, AquiPor’s concrete technology is poised to become a major factor in infrastructure improvements to control stormwater runoff in the future.


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With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, now is a good time to ask: What do we really know about romantic love? Instead of relying on movies, friends’ advice, or social media to guide our love lives, Jay Shetty suggests we turn to ancient Vedic wisdom and modern-day science to learn the skills we need to handle everything from first dates and moving in together to surviving breakups and starting over. With these eight rules, you can develop and nurture loving relationships and otherwise navigate that maze called love. 

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